In recent years, Sansi North America (SNA) Displays has made its mark on the LED display industry, particularly with what we like to call mega-spectaculars -- extremely large LED screens that make a noticeable impact in a local market.

As our ad campaign in The Real Deal shows, these mega-spectaculars can be both exterior and interior mega-spectaculars. (Click the ads to the right to see them in full.)


Because the upfront costs of a large-format digital displays can be substantial, its potential return is an obvious consideration for any investor or developer. 

When monetizing a property, particularly if it's on a piece of land that's especially valuable, one has to consider much more than floor leasing. As the largest and most successful manufacturer of LED displays in New York City, we regularly work with prominent investor/developers to increase the value of real estate with high-end LED video displays. Even for out-of-date or otherwise run-down pieces of real estate, developers are able to add an LED display to their portfolio and fetch a multiple of the property's previous value.

We've seen it many times before.

Further, a new property that is designed around an attention-grabbing display will most likely yield the most return. Often times, owners will have media companies pay a guarantee of revenue, which can be used to support development loans as collateral. For example, take a property like One Times Square, which may be an outlier, but there is a lone tenant (Walgreens) on the main floor. The rest of the building is mostly empty. In a case like this, an owner could likely generate more revenue with a mega-spectacular display than by bringing the space up to code for tenants and filling the vacant space.


Historically, out-of-home advertising has been the longest and most successful of all vehicles of advertising. While the medium and technology has advanced drastically throughout the years, the basic methodology really hasn't. Spanning the advent of radio, TV and the Internet, out-of-home advertising has remained prominent and profitable. 

The average American will spend 70% of the day outside the home. And, it's the only form of advertising directly tied to real estate. So, it's tangible.

Because large cities like New York generally retain and increase their populations, there are more and more eyes on upgraded and new-construction real estate sites.

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