S|Digit LED Price Changers

S|Digit - LED Price Changers

SNA’s S|Digit LED price changers are the best, market-proven solution for your price changing needs. Built with a modular design and energy-saving LEDs, these products include a user-friendly interface that makes daily price change-outs quick and easy.

Two options are available for sign companies: S|Digit Slim Profile and S|Digit Standard Profile. The S|Digit Slim Profile design has power supplies and intelligence stored remotely in a field controller, which allows the displays to be as thin as possible.


The S|Digit Standard Profile changers include a primary face and a secondary face sign with power supplies and in each unit. Either method is available for ease of installation at the sign company or for in-field retrofits.

By using wide-angle LEDs, our price changers provide attention-catching copy both day and night. Even in direct sunlight or around other displays, SNA’s price changers stand out and communicate prices effectively.

Key Features

  • Modular design
  • 7-segment digits
  • Wide-angle LEDs
  • User-friendly interface