Wonders of Wildlife

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9 Million

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Pixel Pitches

2.5 mm, 16 mm

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SNA Displays Enhances the Immersive Experience at Missouri Wildlife Conservation

SNA Displays completed a two-phase project with the installation of three BOLD™ Interior displays for Wonders of Wildlife, which offers “an authentic, educational and fun celebration of wildlife conservation.”

Each interior display has a 2.5 mm pixel pitch – one is 31'5” wide by 8'10” high and the other two are 15' 9" wide by 8' 10" high. They have resolutions of 3,480 pixels wide by 1,080 pixels high and 1,920 by 1,080, respectively.

Phase one of the installation included an EMPIRE™ Exterior curved display with a 16 mm pixel pitch and a resolution of 1,620 by 425 (85'2" by 24'5"). The four screens total 2,655 square feet and contain over nine million pixels.

The Wonders of Wildlife campus spans 350,000 square feet and has more than 1.5 miles of trails, making it the largest nature conservatory in the country. According to its website, Wonders of Wildlife was voted America’s best aquarium and best new attraction by USA Today readers and boasts 1.6 million visitors during its first year of operation.

“Getting to work in an aquarium/museum was a unique experience,” says Raymond Jonathan, SNA Displays project manager. “The screens will help create immersive visitor experiences and set the mood for the visit with high-end content like sea and land animals, live content and shows.”


Project Location

500 W. Sunshine Street, Springfield, MO

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