Vector Property Services

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Total Pixels

1.7 Million

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Pixel Pitch

2.5 mm

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990 x 1,760

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Square feet


Vector Property Services LED Video Wall

SNA Displays provided digital signage to the corporate real estate and office management firm Vector Property Services. The LED video wall was added as part of a technological refresh to the company’s headquarters, which is located in Denver’s central business district. A/V solutions company King Systems oversaw the digital signage upgrade and provided installation services, selecting SNA Displays to manufacture the 8' x 14'5" (990 x 1,760 pixels) BOLD™ Interior LED video wall for the common area.

The 2.5 mm LED screen is positioned in a small alcove across from a raised pond that creates a unique environment for the room, which was designed to be open and provide natural lighting. The video wall processes more than 1.7 million pixels and enhances the gathering space via streaming content such as news and weather reports.

King Systems also provided audio and video distribution throughout the offices, including the yoga, fitness, and weight room areas. The system is controlled through Q-Sys using 10" touch panels and AVpro video distribution.

To learn more, see SNA Displays’ news release about the Vector Property Services digital upgrade.


Project Location

1001 17th Street, Denver, CO

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