Salesforce Tower Hyderabad

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Total Pixels

4.7 million

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Pixel Pitch

2.5 mm

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1,620 X 2,880

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Square feet


Salesforce Tower Hyderabad BOLD™ Interior LED Videowall

SNA Displays manufactured a large LED videowall for Salesforce Tower Hyderabad's lobby. Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana, a state in south-central India. The Salesforce high-rise, located in the Divyasree Orion Tech Business Park, is one of five offices that makes up Salesforce India.  The others are in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Gurgaon.

The large digital lobby wall is built from SNA Displays’ 2.5 mm BOLD™ Interior LED video display technology and features a variety of mood-enhancing artistic content. At approximately 13' tall and 24' wide, the LED display has a resolution of 1,620 x 2,880 pixels, meaning that the digital canvas processes close to 4.7 million pixels.

SNA Displays partnered with Sensory Interactive, which develops and manages digital media installations and brand-focused content for Salesforce facilities around the globe. Bangalore-based Avils Infra Pvt. Ltd.  provided audio-video integration services and global real-estate company JLL provided project coordination services.

For more information about how Salesforce integrates cutting-edge video displays into its iconic workspaces, visit SNA Displays’ Salesforce portfolio.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is more than just a slick logo. In the modern, digital age it’s the story an organization tells to its customers and employees. It’s the emotional investment between storyteller and audience and it defines a brand’s unique look and feel, creating awareness, loyalty, and preference. Furthermore, one of the most powerful and effective ways to tell that story is through creative digital media.

Whether it’s an LED video wall in a lobby or conference room or digital retail signage, there's no doubt that tailored display solutions enhance a company’s message. Digital signage communicates brand messages effectively, seamlessly, memorably, consistently, and conveniently. Many corporate identities employ digital signage networks to easily scale their message and manage content remotely.

Digital technology such as direct-view LED also increases the potential for interactivity, letting the audience become part of the story instead of being a passive viewer. Likewise, the dynamic nature of LED technology helps employers keep pace with how internal communications are changing. Digital displays make workplaces smarter and more connected, enhancing productivity and providing employees with timely information and critical feedback. Successful video content engages employees, instills company pride, and increases loyalty.


Project Location

Hyderabad, India

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