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Building Okta’s Brand Awareness on Broadway

As part of a broad initiative to appeal to both B2B and B2C customers, Okta, a Bay Area identity and access management technology company, wanted to launch a public-facing experience space in New York City. At its core would be compelling interactive expressions to drive brand awareness and increase sales of their digital products and services.

For the digital experience, SNA Displays manufactured 243 ACCENT™ LED sticks, each integrated into wood paneling. The LED strips, an architectural lighting extension of SNA Displays' THRUMEDIA® line, employ a 10 mm pixel pitch, were mounted vertically, and were spaced about five and a half inches apart. The main visual piece, the interior facing side, is composed of more than one hundred 8-foot LED sticks.


The goal was to create unique digital and physical experiences within the brand’s “retail” footprint that inspire visitors to explore Okta’s services and approach to identity and access management. In other words, Okta wanted to bring its values—including innovation, empowerment, transparency, integrity, and customer success—to light in original and unexpected ways that resonate to audiences inside and out.

Staying true to its commitment to transparency, Okta opted to construct an interactive, public-facing storefront in Manhattan’s Flatiron District on Broadway—instead of a private space hidden behind closed doors. Because of its high-traffic, street-level visibility, HUSH designed a unique digital core that communicates both outwards and inwards to convey the power of Okta’s security. Outside, passersby can view and interact with brand content, animations, and their own digital shadows designed to encourage contemplation about identity and security.

To spotlight high-touch storytelling experiences, attract a variety of guests, and convert visitors into customers, the interior brand experience features a personalized interactive moment to greet guests, a group digital briefing experience that surrounds audiences with relevant data insights, and a supporting app to control the user journey from start to finish. The space positions the Okta team as relentless problem-solvers dedicated to new possibilities as they engage with the world around them.


Client: Okta |  Design Agency: HUSH  |  Credit: Photos by Petrinistudio


Project Location

920 Broadway, New York, NY

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