MSG networks

MSG networks

These new video displays create another high-impact vehicle to showcase our brands, content, studios and partners. This will be a great opportunity to promote our award-winning content to a million people that pass by every day.
— Andrea Greenberg, MSG Networks President and CEO
We are proud to be the first company in New York City with dynamic displays of this technology and clarity.
— Gerard Passaro, MSG Networks Senior Vice President, Network and Technical Operations

SNA Displays Installs NYC's First-Ever Outdoor 6.67 mm Display for MSG Networks

SNA Displays manufactured and installed New York City's first exterior 6.67 mm LED video display for MSG Networks. 

The project, located at 11 Penn Plaza (southeast corner of 7th Avenue and 32nd Street), is across the street from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, and seen by up to one million people per day.

SNA Displays provided four same-sized LED S|Video™ displays mounted outside of the building’s tall windows. Each single-faced video screen is 9’5” x 9.5” and 432 x 432 pixels. The display system includes a total of just under 750,000 pixels.

The project also called for “MSG NETWORKS” channel letters backlit with LED lighting technology. There are two sets of the branding signage, both of which extend from the building and curve towards a point about 20’ from the building. The channel letters are about 12 feet above grade and are fully integrated into the display system, allowing MSG Networks to adjust the branding element to the content on the LED displays.

Surface-Mount Device (SMD) Technology

The outdoor 6.67 mm LED video displays employ surface-mount device (SMD) pixel technology, where the LEDs in each pixel are packaged together, allowing for crisp, clear imagery and a widened viewing experience. Sansi continues to provide an industry-leading array of interior and exterior products offered with SMD packaging technology.


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