Kings Highway

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12 mm

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570 X 660

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Kings Highway

SNA Displays manufactured and installed an EMPIRE™ exterior LED screen at the intersection of Kings Highway and East 16th Street in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn. The digital display was flush-mounted to the façade of a mixed-use building with offices, a gym, a pharmacy, a sporting goods store, and living space. It is used for on-premises promotional content.

The display is 22'5" high by 26' wide (570 x 660 pixels) and employs a 12 mm pixel pitch. The screen is folded at a 67.6-degree angle so that it encompasses the corner of the building on two sides, making it visible from multiple directions. All told, the direct-view LED is 583 square feet and has 376,200 pixels.

SNA Displays worked with leading sign company North Shore Neon to install the EMPIRE™ LED.

This was the first large digital display in Brooklyn outside of a stadium.



Project Location

1601 Kings Highway, New York, NY

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