Jetro Cash & Carry, Brooklyn, NY

Jetro Cash & Carry, Brooklyn, NY

LED Advertising Display

S|N|A supplied the outdoor LED video display for the Jetro Cash & Carry restaurant depot at the Brooklyn-Queens Express (BQE) junction in Brooklyn. The LED screen is viewable to traffic heading into Brooklyn toward Staten Island.

The highway is also known as Gowanus Expressway and the Prospect Expressway and is one of the busiest stretches of traffic in the U.S. On average, 200,000 vehicles use the expressway on a daily basis.

The S|Video™ LED display measures 14'3" high by 19'9" wide and includes 272 x 376 pixels, for a total of 102,272 pixels. The single-sided screen is mounted to the wholesale cash and carry building facade. 

The screen is driven by Sedna Presenter®, a powerful content management product from Activate the Space. "Its ease of use and scalability made Sedna Presenter® a natural fit for this application," said Pat Green, S|N|A's director of systems. "We look forward to working again with Astraline Media and ATS on rollouts of future project locations." 

Outdoor 16 mm SMD

The outdoor LED display features surface-mount device (SMD) technology, where the LEDs in each pixel are packaged together, allowing for crisp, clear imagery and a widened viewing experience. S|N|A continues to manufacture and supply more and more SMD technology at a wide range of pixel pitches, including 16 mm like the Jetro display.

"With SMD technology, this customer can reach a huge audience with impact and clarity," said Mitch Leathers, marketing manager with S|N|A. "Previously only for indoor and tight-pitch installations, we can now offer SMD packaging to clients with outdoor applications and long-range audiences, while maintaining brightness levels needed for such a project."

Astraline Media

For this project, S|N|A partnered with Astraline Media, who will be managing the content for the LED display. The media company will be installing and managing displays at other Jetro locations in the future.

Jetro is a whole sale supplier of restaurant and catering products. For more information, visit 

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