Irvine Spectrum Center

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1,008 X 736

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Irvine Spectrum Center

SNA Displays manufactured and provided a direct-view LED from its EMPIRE™ line of outdoor digital display products for the Irvine Spectrum Center, an outdoor shopping center located on the southeast edge of Irvine, California, in a triangle formed where Interstates 5 and 405 split. In addition to numerous shopping and dining options, the destination entertainment complex features a movie theater, carousel, Ferris wheel, and an 18-foot-tall climbing sculpture.

SNA Displays worked with installer and project management specialists AD/S to complete this project.

The outdoor digital signage uses a pixel pitch of 10 mm and was designed to attach to one side of an existing three-sided pylon installed in the parking lot of the mall. Making sure the display was built to match the existing structure was critical and took careful coordination. The side with the SNA Displays LED faces the mall.

At 33 feet tall by 24 feet wide (1,008 by 736 pixels), the display has just under 742,000 total pixels and nearly 800 square feet of digital canvas.

This display is a common use case for outdoor digital signage. LED screens are often employed to deliver messaging, drive curiosity, and, most importantly, get people engaged.

About AD/S

AD/S specializes in the design and fabrication of signs, displays, and fixtures, providing tangible and visual identities for communication through signage. To learn more, visit


Project Location

670 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA

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