Citizen Watch Times Square

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8 mm

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270 x 2,320

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With its Citizen Watch Company installation at 1500 Broadway, SNA became the first LED manufacturer to supply outdoor 8 mm LED video technology to the Times Square bowtie.

The display, above the extended entrance to Citizen's new flagship store at the corner of Broadway and 43rd Street, will advertise the company's brand to the high-traffic area. Because of the close proximity of walk-up traffic, the unprecedented 8 mm pixel pitch was needed. The outdoor Times Square LED display market consists of a range of pixel pitches, but until Citizen's screen, the tightest pitch had been 10 mm.

Citizen, ABC Studios, Disney, Starbucks & Other Tenants

Other tenants at the historic 1500 Broadway , which extends along Broadway between 43rd Street and 44th Street, include ABC Studios, Disney, Times Square Studios, Hewitt Associates, Fair Isaac, Starbucks, and Essence Magazine.

“We are very excited to provide the first outdoor 8 mm LED display in what most would describe as the video screen capital of the world,” said Mitch Leathers, marketing manager at SNA. “Times Square is obviously historic and trend-setting, and we feel confident this high-end technology will become more desired in this and other highly competitive areas.”

Custom-Engineered LED Display

The Citizen LED display consists of four screens that wrap around the corner at Broadway and 43rd, reaching viewers from all directions. In addition to providing content to the bowtie audience, the display provides long read times to traffic coming west on 43rd Street into the square west into the square.

SNA engineered custom corner modules for each screen, providing nearly seamless connections. The display includes joints with angles of 90 degrees, 94 degrees, and 110 degrees.

“With the four screens facing different directions and three custom corners, this was great and challenging project,” said Badsha Chowdhury, SNA’s installation manager. “Obviously, with the prominent location and new technology, it is an exciting installation for us.”

The display is 270 pixels high by 2320 pixels wide for a total of 626,400 pixels, and has dimensions of 7’1” high by x 60’10” wide.

Surface-Mount Device (SMD) Technology

This outdoor-rated LED signage employs surface-mount device (SMD) technology, where the LEDs in each pixel are packaged together, allowing for crisp, clear imagery and a widened viewing experience.

SNA's Growing Presence

Adding to a number of Sansi installs in the New York market, Citizen further illuminates a growing presence in Times Square. Additionally, the Citizen location is directly across the street from SNA’s new Times Square office at 1501 Broadway.

SNA hired Clear Channel Outdoor to provide installation services for the project.


Project Location

1500 Broadway, New York, NY

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