Tech Port Center + Arena in San Antonio Goes Live with Cutting-Edge LED Video

SAN ANTONIO—Tech Port Center + Arena, a state-of-the art technology and entertainment venue in San Antonio, Texas, opened to the public in the summer of 2022. Owner-representative Anthony James Partners selected SNA Displays to provide indoor and outdoor LED video signage for the multipurpose event and educational center managed by ASM Global.

“We’re calling it the most technologically advanced arena and center being built in the United States, if not the world, at least for the foreseeable future,” said Eric Blockie, general manager of the facility, who also described Tech Port Center as “a digital and lifestyle playground with endless opportunities.”

The main hub of the 180,000-square-foot facility is a reconfigurable 3,100-seat arena and gaming hall that hosts live entertainment such as concerts, conferences, esports tournaments, robotics competitions, and live sporting events. The arena features a trio of truss-mounted LED screens from SNA Displays’ BOLD™ Interior line of video display technology. The primary display is 19’8″ tall by 34’6″ wide and is flanked by twin 13’2″ x 26’3″ LED screens. All three displays feature a 3.9 mm pixel pitch.

“The most notable feature of the three gaming hall displays is their versatility,” said Nicole Rotyliano, project manager for SNA Displays. “These display products can be raised, lowered, moved around, torn down, and rebuilt as necessary to accommodate the event of the day.”

Other key digital signage throughout the new venue includes several extremely tight-pitch outdoor LED displays. A pair of oversized, double-sided LED kiosks with a 2.9 mm pixel pitch are the tightest-pitch EMPIRE™ Exterior LED displays on the market, and an outdoor-rated 7’4″ x 14′ box office LED display features a 3.9 mm pitch. Additionally, there are several 10.0 mm exterior displays, including an 11’10” x 20′ screen that wraps around the building’s east corner and more than 250 linear feet of LED ribbon displays along the exterior of the façade. Combined, the Tech Port Center processes approximately 12 million pixels of LED canvas.

Digital Dreams provided display installation services for the project.

The esports arena is hailed as one of the biggest of its kind in Texas and the first to be built with competitive video gaming as a driving design factor. Furthermore, the sides of the arena are lined with one of the largest concentrations of Tesla coils in the world. The coils light up with 60-foot electric arcs and are integrated into the arena’s lighting and sound system.

Upcoming events at the Tech Port Center + Arena can be found at

For more details, visit SNA Displays Tech Port Center + Arena portfolio page.

UPDATE: This site has been renamed to Boeing Center at Tech Port.

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Located in San Antonio, TX, the Tech Port Center + Arena is the most technologically advanced entertainment venue in the world. Opened in Spring 2022, this $70 million, 130,000 square foot facility will reshape entertainment with world-class live concerts, performances, esports, conventions and more.  Located just 10 minutes from downtown, the venue is readily accessible to the San Antonio metro area’s 2.6 million residents and represents the future of public and private events. Learn more at

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