LED Displays for Cleveland’s Playhouse Square

CLEVELAND, OHIO—Sansi North America (SNA) Displays, a leading manufacturer of custom LED display and lighting solutions, recently wrapped up a multi-display installation for Cleveland’s popular, not-for-profit performing arts center, Playhouse Square.

SNA News Thumb Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square, which draws in more than a million visitors annually, is the second-largest theater district in the United States after New York City’s Times Square.

The project includes six LED displays positioned at the exterior entrances of three adjacent historic theaters—Ohio Theatre, State Theatre, and Hanna Theatre. Each display is attached to the sides of marquees that are cantilevered from the buildings’ exteriors and will be used to showcase upcoming releases, show times and other information. The screens contain a combined total of more than 80,000 pixels.     

“The new LED displays help brighten up Playhouse Square and were installed just in time for the opening of the venues’ latest theatrical and musical productions,” said Rasool Sayed, project manager for SNA Displays. “We’re very pleased with the outcome of this project.”

Other companies involved in the Playhouse Square project include DCL Boston, a custom fabrication firm responsible for installation, and Sullaway Engineering, a full-service engineering company tasked with handling the screens’ structural engineering.

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