SNA Displays’ The Moxy Wins 2023 Digital Signage Award

BARCELONA—SNA Displays received recognition at the 2023 Digital Signage Awards in three categories, including the top prize for Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Media. Winners were announced yesterday at a ceremony in Barcelona, host to this year’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) conference.

Digital Signage Awards 2023 Winner

The Moxy, an LED mega-spectacular in downtown Los Angeles, competed and won against six finalists in the DOOH category.

SNA Displays also received High Commendations for the following digital signage projects:

The Digital Signage Awards are a yearly global search for exceptional campaigns, creative executions, technical innovations, media or placement solutions, DOOH, and visual experiences in the field of digital signage. 

“We’re thrilled to receive recognition for these digital signage projects,” said Dennis Hickey, president of SNA Displays. “Massive undertakings like these require a lot of patience, hard work, talent, and coordination with numerous partners and trades. When it all comes together perfectly, it means a great deal to all the folks who work day in and day out to make these artistic and architectural visions come to life.”

The Moxy DTLA

SNA Displays manufactured a massive digital out-of-home video display, installed in the heart of downtown Los Angeles at the intersection of S Figueroa St. and W Pico Blvd.

Consumer Experience Group (CEG), a Los Angeles-based consultancy for experiential display projects, managed the large development’s digital and static signage elements on behalf of property owner Lightstone. Premier out-of-home media company Branded Cities owns exclusive rights to market and sell premium advertising on the LED mega-spectacular, a 15,000-square-foot digital canvas known as The Moxy.

One of the largest continuous exterior LED video walls in the United States, The Moxy is located across from the LA Convention Center, L.A. LIVE, and Arena. Built from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE™ Exterior line of LED display technology, the 50-foot-tall screen extends about the length of a football field before it wraps the corner of a multilevel parking structure. The design provides extended viewing and long read times for nearby pedestrian and auto traffic.

The digital display employs 8 mm pixel pitch technology and boasts a resolution of 1,890 x 11,480 pixels, giving the video screen almost 22 million pixels.

The overall objective of the LED mega-spectacular was to become the most sought-after digital experience in the downtown Los Angeles central core. The property owner, Lightstone, required a high resolution, full motion video display product positioned in such a way that it could be seen from adjacent properties such as Arena and the LA Convention Center.

Since going live, The Moxy has been the subject of regular social media posts that highlight the display’s “wow factor.” Some of the most impressive videos show anamorphic, 3D content that never fail to garner public attention. 

Gagosian LED Cube

The contemporary art gallery Gagosian hosted a digital art exhibition at its West 24th Street location in New York titled Denominator by Swiss visual artist Urs Fischer. The digital art sculpture included a five-sided LED cube built from SNA Displays’ BOLD™ Interior LED display technology. The cube’s 12-foot screens employed 2.5-milimeter pixel spacing and were mounted to a free-standing steel frame such that the exhibit “floated” one inch above the gallery floor.

The underlying theme of Denominator is that “Objects are an extension of our bodies, our needs, our desires.” Furthermore, humans “primarily interact with matter that has been altered, cultivated, engineered, or manufactured, and as we fill the planet with new products, the variety of flora, fauna, and funga diminishes.” Denominator is one installation in a three-part series by Fischer that “form a subjective encyclopedic composition that tells the story of humanity through the artifacts it leaves behind.”

Each side of the LED cube displays a sequence of fragments from international television commercials in a shifting composition that spans the history of the medium. Through the use of AI algorithms, the commercials were deconstructed into individual shots. They were then grouped by theme or color and displayed on the cube in layered patterns and choreographed sequences. In choosing a five-sided LED canvas, Fischer maximized the medium’s ability to showcase the digital artwork in a dynamic way.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) gave its global headquarters a digital signage makeover complete with immersive, inspirational, and interactive experiences. SNA Displays built indoor and outdoor display technology for the computer technology giant’s Houston campus, and technology integration company i.e.Smart Systems oversaw the project.

Highlights include a 28-foot-tall, vertically oriented video wall in the lobby, an immersive experience known as the Fishbowl that includes a floor display, a 50-foot-long immersive theater video wall that bends around viewers, a 16:9-ratio video screen in an executive briefing center known as the PlayGround, and a massive 40ft x 90ft exterior display overlooking the campus.

HPE’s goal for the new corporate campus, which includes HPE employees from a range of business units, was to create an atmosphere that conveys ‘cutting-edge technology’ in a way that blends well with its existing architecture. Additionally, HPE’s intent was to create technology-driven immersive opportunities for employees and visitors throughout the campus. In other words, the Houston campus is a showpiece space for clients and customers to visit, with the company hosting multiple large events each week.

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