SNA Displays Expands NYC Presence with New Headquarters

NEW YORK CITY—To accommodate unprecedented growth in recent years, Sansi North America (SNA) Displays has relocated its New York City headquarters to a new space in Times Square.

The new home of SNA Displays, a leading manufacturer of custom LED display solutions, will be on the 20th floor of 1500 Broadway, between 43rd and 44th streets. The move, which was completed in February, nearly doubles the company’s New York office footprint and encompasses nearly 8,000 square feet of space.

Not only will the expansion accommodate the continued growth of SNA Displays, which has opened multiple satellite offices over the past year, but it will also provide a stronger local presence in NYC.

“Our business is growing rapidly in North America,” said Dennis Hickey, president of SNA Displays. “We stand behind our commitment to provide comprehensive, high-quality services and products from start to finish of every project, big or small. In order to better deliver on that promise, we’ve expanded our team and our overall workspace.”

In addition to housing staff, the new space will serve as the company’s main showroom, where potential clients can see firsthand a selection of the LED display products offered by the company. The showroom will be equipped with a wide range of display products and will be unveiled in the summer of 2018.

“Our clients and partners can see high-definition interior displays in standard-pitch, fine-pitch, and ultra-fine pitch products, various shapes, curves, and 90-degree angles, allowing our guests to really visualize their projects,” said Hickey. “From there, they can walk through Times Square and see our array of spectacular exterior displays as well.”

Nicole Rotyliano, a project manager for SNA Displays, has been instrumental in coordinating the installation of the product showroom.

“The move to a new office space has certainly been exciting for a multitude of reasons, but I think the biggest buzz has been generated by our decision to include the state-of-the-art display demo area,” Rotyliano said. “We have worked to design an experiential and engaging space that highlights our interior products. We’re very excited to realize our demo room concept.”

Commenting on the move, Brittany McMann, director of human relations and administration said, “In the past few years, our New York City-based staff has more than doubled in size. This move will provide increased operational elements to support our growing business. In addition to creating a dynamic and welcoming environment for our clients, we placed a major emphasis on enhancing the employee experience. We have an incredibly talented team and the office was designed to enrich our company culture.”

 “We are proud to have the most staff and largest offices of any LED company in Times Square—the LED display capital of the United States,” added Hickey.

SNA Displays is located at 1500 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York, New York.

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About Sansi North America (SNA) Displays
Sansi is one of the largest LED manufacturers in the world, with over 26 years of LED experience and more than 245 patents across multiple LED technology markets. SNA Displays is on the cutting edge of emerging LED technologies and custom systems integration and has fabricated, managed, implemented and installed some of the largest and most recognizable LED spectaculars in the digital display industry.

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