Indiana Convention Center Adds Inventory of LED Displays

INDIANAPOLIS—The Indiana Convention Center (ICC) added a digital signage network, replacing static signage with direct-view LEDs by SNA Displays. The new inventory of displays provides the ICC and its clients with opportunities for branding, wayfinding, live broadcasting, advertising, and artistic content among other ways to better communicate with visitors.

The Capital Improvement Board of Managers of Marion County (CIB), which operates both the ICC and Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts, selected SNA Displays for the convention center upgrades after the display manufacturer’s overhaul of the stadium’s video display network in 2022. The two facilities are now fully integrated.

“We are constantly looking for ways to help our clients meet their needs and that includes showing them new ways to communicate with guests at their events and providing branding opportunities for their partners and sponsors,” said Tom Boyle, director of operations for ICC and LOS. “The digital signs allow us a lot of flexibility and creativity while keeping single-use signs out of landfills. Our goal was to offer clients the most advanced technology available while recognizing their interest in using many of our spaces for more casual and personal interactions amid large gatherings. These screens allow us to accomplish that.” 

The ICC’s new digital display network consists of 13 BOLD™ Interior LED screens, all of which employ a 2.5 mm pixel pitch. The LED displays are a mixture of single-faced screens and dual-faced flag signs. Highlights include a three-screen setup at the convention center’s entrance measuring approximately 15 feet tall and 42 feet across and a 22-foot-long bulkhead display above the hallway connecting the convention center to the stadium.

“It’s great to have these displays available for our clients,” Boyle said.  “They are an excellent way for us to greet our guests and provide information about our facilities and downtown partners. They are especially attractive to our clients who utilize both the Convention Center and the Stadium because they allow us to incorporate messaging in the hallway that links the two buildings.”

In total, the convention center’s inventory of new digital displays processes approximately 19 million pixels.

“This is a massive CMS deployment for a convention center, as it brings over tied infrastructure from Lucas Oil Stadium to the convention center so the venues can be unified and synched as needed,” said Pat Green, vice president of systems at SNA Displays. “The content management system was designed to be able to monitor the convention center screens using the same methods and workflow that SNA Displays laid out for Lucas Oil Stadium, allowing staff to monitor both facilities from a single control room.”

WJHW provided consulting and design services for the project on behalf of the CIB. Signage solutions company Huston Signs provided installation services.

For more information and images, visit SNA Displays’ Indiana Convention Center portfolio page.

About SNA Displays

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About the Capital Improvement Board

The Capital Improvement Board of Managers of Marion County (CIB) is responsible for the marketing, leasing and operation of Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indiana Convention Center.  The CIB was created in 1965 by the Indiana General Assembly and empowered to finance and manage capital improvements. Visit for more information.

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