iHeart Radio Sign Replaces Iconic Billboard in NYC

NEW YORK CITY— Perched high atop a red brick industrial building where the Harlem River divides Manhattan from the Bronx, The History Channel sign has long been an iconic piece of New York City’s architectural landscape. But recently, the structure at 20 Bruckner Blvd., which once served as an icehouse for a local brewing company, received an extensive face lift. The antiquated signage was replaced by a modern digital LED display for iHeartMedia. 

iHeart LED Display

The new LED screen was manufactured by Sansi North America (SNA) and retrofitted by Clear Channel Outdoor. The approximately 17-foot-by-138-foot 20-mm LED display is 256 pixels tall by 2,096 pixels wide and is large enough to view from numerous vantage points beyond its location in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx. In addition, North Shore Neon Co. was responsible for completing the massive installation, which involved dismantling the previous sign, including its enormous red letters.

The new signage, which bears the iHeartRadio logo, was designed to maintain an appearance similar to that of its predecessor, which occupied the space for nearly twenty years. Thanks to its proximity to Interstate 87/Major Deegan Expressway, a major thoroughfare that traces the periphery of the borough, along with clear sight-lines from the Triborough/RFK and Willis Avenue bridges, the display is positioned in a high-visibility location, making it an ideal spot for advertising. Over the years, more than a half-dozen brands have occupied this advertising space, including Knickerbocker Beer, Cities Service Gasoline (Citgo), and Kent Cigarettes. 

The new display will serve as a major branding and message center for iHeartMedia, a media and entertainment company that owns iHeartRadio and Clear Channel Outdoor, and is also available for use by third-party advertisers.

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