Grandscape Wins Elevate Award for “Best Digital Signage”

DALLAS, TX―Grandscape, a destination shopping center in North Dallas that features retail, dining, living, and entertainment space, took home the Elevate Award for Best Digital Signage at the Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association’s virtual symposium in July 2021. The property features four EMPIRE Exterior LED screens from SNA Displays, with pixel pitches ranging from 5 to 10 mm.

The Barnycz Group was the experiential designer for the entire Grandscape project.

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The star of the development’s digital signage network is the Stylon™ LED display. The forty-three-foot-tall, double-ellipsoid display is built into a reflecting pond, features a tight pixel pitch of 6.67 mm, has over 3,000 square feet of digital canvas, and contains approximately 6.7 million pixels.

“I’d like to thank Danny Barnycz of The Barnycz Group who helped us bring this vision to life,” said Kyle Beeman, digital marketing manager for Grandscape, “as well as our world-class roster of design and inspiration partners including Electrosonic, DCL, Tate, 4Wall, SNA Displays, and SiliconCore.”

ICX created the Elevate Awards to recognize achievements in interactive customer experiences and honor individuals and organizations at the forefront of using technology to elevate the customer experience. The award for Best Digital Signage “recognizes achievement in screen-based customer experiences that create the brand experience in-store or in-venue, or extend the brand experience into the digital out-of-home environment.”

Media sales at Grandscape are managed by BOLDSITE Media.

For more information about this Dallas destination venue, visit Limelight: The SNA Blog.

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