Four SNA Displays Projects Named As Finalists for Digital Signage Experience Awards

SNA Displays has been selected as a finalist for the 2022 Digital Signage Experience (DIZZIE) Awards for four of its projects, more than any other company. According to Digital Signage Experience (DSE), the DIZZIEs celebrate and recognize visionaries who exemplify digital signage excellence.

The digital signage projects for which SNA Displays is a finalist include:

“The DIZZIEs were created to recognize companies who are leading the way in harnessing digital signage to reach target audiences and fulfill strategic objectives,” said David Drain, DSE director of event programs. “We congratulate SNA Displays on being named a finalist.”

The judges for the DIZZIE Awards were provided by the Digital Signage Federation. Winners will be announced November 18 at the DSE 2022 conference.

Corporate Environments

Gensler Austin Lobby

Digital Signage Experience Awards 2022 Finalist Gensler Austin Lobby

The state-of-the-art LED display system at Gensler’s Austin office is 13’2” high by 26’2” wide and integrates BRILLIANT™ Interior and THRUMEDIA® technologies from SNA Displays. The full-matrix portion of the lobby’s LED video wall uses a narrow pixel pitch of 1.92 mm and contains more than 5.8 million pixels (1,404 x 4,160).

SNA Displays combined the two products by layering 30 horizontal THRUMEDIA strips above the main LED screen. While all strips in Gensler’s system employ a 10 mm pixel pitch horizontally, the LED sticks are spaced at various distances to create a gradient effect.

Experiential Design & Planning


Digital Signage Experience Awards 2022 Finalist Grandscape

Grandscape is a destination shopping center in North Dallas that features retail, dining, living, and entertainment space. The most visually distinctive element is the property’s custom-designed and -engineered Stylon™ LED display, designed by the Barnycz Group.

The double-ellipsoid shape, and the fact that the Stylon is built into a reflecting pond, makes this direct-view LED one of SNA Displays’ most ambitious and unique projects. With a pixel pitch of 6.67 mm, the two-sided Stylon is 43’4″ tall and 36’9″ wide with a resolution of 1,980 pixels by 1,680 pixels, giving it a total of 6.7 million pixels.

Additionally, the Grandscape campus features a marquee display and two rooftop screens. All displays are built from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE™ Exterior line of products.

The Orbit Retail Experience

Digital Signage Experience Awards 2022 Finalist The Orbit Retail Experience

The Orbit is an interactive experience designed by HBO Max and HUSH. The purpose behind the project was to promote and showcase HBO Max’s brand promise of providing the deepest, most high-quality entertainment properties available anywhere and create a scalable destination-worthy retail experience that communicates HBO Max’s depth of content, accessible at the speed of 5G infrastructure and systems.

SNA Displays manufactured and installed the LED display technology integral to The Orbit experience, which debuted in AT&T flagships in Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco. The interactive screens come from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT™ Interior line of digital display technology. Each LED display is 8 feet tall and 18 feet wide, employs a 1.56 mm pixel pitch, contains 5.7 million pixels, and features a concave radius of less than 12 feet.

Public Spaces

The AT&T Discovery District

Digital Signage Experience Awards 2022 Finalist  ATT discovery district

Technology and media giant AT&T built a downtown Dallas destination venue known as the AT&T Discovery District. The four-block development, “where tech, culture and entertainment combine to create unique experiences” includes a network of indoor and outdoor digital display and lighting assets that can be synchronized to create multi-sensory experiences. The digital signage network features on-premise messaging and jaw-dropping digital art by acclaimed content creators like Moment Factory, nominated alongside SNA Displays.

SNA Displays was selected to provide more than 12,000 square feet of digital canvas for the massive development. In total, SNA Displays manufactured, supplied, and installed more than a dozen LED video displays and 100 million pixels for the city’s new landmark destination.

High-end LED display technology was installed in three key locations within The District: The Media Wall at AT&T Discovery District, the AT&T Experience Store, and the AT&T Headquarters Lobby. All displays are part of a digital network of seamlessly integrated media elements that enable immersive take-over moments of lighting, audio, and creative video content, made possible by an intricate content and platform management system engineered and implemented by Moment Factory.

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