Eighty-Foot-Tall LED Spectacular at Target’s Times Square Storefront

NEW YORK—SNA Displays manufactured an LED spectacular for Target’s new Times Square store. The new large-format digital is a curved, vertically oriented LED screen positioned just above the entrance to the retail giant’s storefront at 247 W 42nd Street, located between 7th and 8th avenues. SNA Displays provided a tight-pitch 6.6 mm product from its EMPIRE™ Exterior display series.

Sensory Interactive designed, implemented, and launched the digital signage strategy for the new spectacular as part of a larger effort to further develop Times Square’s E Walk retail complex.

The 80-foot-tall LED screen has a tight radius and narrow returns at either end, a design that projects the display outward from the storefront façade and maximizes the viewing area for pedestrian and automobile traffic. The nearly 4,000-square-foot LED display is 80’3″ high by 48’3″ wide. With a resolution of 3,672 x 2,208, Target’s LED spectacular consists of more than 8.1 million total pixels.

“After great coordination between the base building engineer and our sign structure engineer, we were able to sufficiently reinforce the building’s primary steel to support loading requirements,” said Nick Gioia, project manager for SNA Displays. “Additionally, new building stubs were added to tie in the sign structure and because of the tight radius and small returns, it was critical for fabrication of the sign structure to be perfect to ensure proper installation according to the design. All teams worked very well through these complexities.”

The project’s general contractor was Henegan Construction. AMA Sign and Electric Company was hired to install the LED display.

Target became an E Walk retail tenant in early 2022. The new location is the tenth small-format Target store in the New York area.

For more information, visit SNA Displays’ Target Times Square portfolio page.

About SNA Displays

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SNA Displays is headquartered in Times Square and has worked with clients to design and build some of the largest and most recognizable digital spectaculars in the world. Discover how Dreams Live Digitally® at snadisplays.com.

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