Well, Technically . . . Behind the Scenes at american dream, part 2

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Jason Helton 2

Jason Helton, executive vice president at SNA Displays, oversees all North American operations for SNA Displays. He has over 20 years of experience in the LED display and lighting industry, a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, and an MBA. He has overseen the implementation of more than 250,000 square feet of LED product across hundreds of applications.

Rasool Sayed 1

Rasool Sayed, senior project manager at SNA Displays, is an experienced construction manager with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and manufacturing industry. He has a Bachelor of Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology.

People often ask what kind of outriggers and secondary steel are needed for an exterior display with a radius. Below is a great image of a work in progress for the Grand Staircase at American Dream, showcasing horizontal rails being prepared for subframe installation. Rolled steel is essential in these applications.

Rolled steel outriggers

Snow doesn’t stop the SNA Displays crew. George Hanratty, director of installation and service at SNA Displays, bundles up to stay warm as he oversees the installation.

Snowy installation

Module map testing and commissioning for the left side of the American Dream Grand Staircase was critical to ensuring all connections and redundant data pathways were complete. Color calibration is part of this service and ensures that high-end content sees its fullest potential.

Our V3 Pro software diagnostics will determine the same information, but an on-site visual, customized for each project, is useful in quickly verifying that everything is aligned properly. In other words, each color box you see on the display is actually custom content designed to ensure seamless content is displayed on the LED screen.

When it’s all done, visitors at the American Dream Mall are met with our state-of-the-art 6.67mm LED outdoor display at the Grand Staircase. With dedicated crews to work in rain or shine, we are able to meet deadlines and provide the most pristine services to our clients.

Ice rink displays going in at American Dream.

Ice rink display

The holiday decorations next to the new LED displays throughout American Dream look amazing.

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