Q&A: Using LED Technology to Enrich Retail and Brand Experiences

TENFOLD®, a design firm that “builds brands through culture,” recently launched a high concept experiential retail store called TENSPACE in Columbus. Described as “a little bit art, a little bit media and a little bit retail” by Founder and CEO Rachel Friedman-Webb, the store features two high-end interior LED screens from SNA Displays.

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For nearly 30 years, Rachel’s professional career has been dedicated to helping clients align their business strategy with workplace design. Rachel brings unique expertise to the TENFOLD team, combining her passion and diverse education, including a BFA in Design and an MBA in Strategy.

We asked Friedman-Webb to tell us more about the design concept behind TENSPACE, especially as it related to the digital display assets TENFOLD® incorporated into the retail space.

How and why did TENFOLD come up with the idea behind TENSPACE? 

As consumers ourselves, we were feeling very uninspired by the [standard] retail experience. This was a feeling that began long before Covid and was evidenced by failing department stores and retailers. We started to question how we could reimagine retail – and if TENFOLD did retail, what would it be? The pandemic intensified our curiosity with DTC [direct-to-consumer] brands taking center stage in 2020. As ads filled our feeds, the desire to know these brands better and to touch and feel their product intensified our commitment to the vision of TENSPACE.

TENSPACE creates in-real-life experiences for online brands to enable a more inspired shopping experience for consumers and a more intimate connection to the brands.

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Digital signage seems perfect for this new kind of retail space. In this new kind of retail space, how do you see digital displays helping tenants tell their stories?

Digital signage is all about content. The LED displays enable us to keep the content fresh and bolster TENSPACE’s capabilities as a media channel.

Why did you choose SNA Displays to provide the LED display technology?

SNA Displays had a great product with a very flexible interface. With tight timelines and supply chain issues being felt around the world, SNA felt confident they could deliver. The LEDs are integral to the experience at TENSPACE and we wouldn’t have been able to launch without them.

Did SNA Displays meet the schedule?

Yes, absolutely – and under very challenging issues. It was a major effort to get the order prioritized and everyone came through. Air freight, multiple modes of land transportation, etc.

What content creators will TENFOLD work with to develop creative content for the displays?

We create our own content and also share user-generated content from our consumers and influencers.

Do the digital displays handle advertising or are they exclusively designed to tie the brand experience to the physical store – the storytelling?

They are primarily used for storytelling; however, some shows have a sponsorship component to underwrite a portion of the cost. We leverage the displays to recognize those sponsor brands.

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Does each tenant bring their own content or will TENSPACE provide the content for its clients? 

We curate some [content] but are responsible for the content strategy and content creation.

Do you want to preview upcoming brands for the retail space? 

We keep the suspense going and followers will learn of the show when we announce it to the public via our social channel @TENSPACE on Instagram or subscribers to our email list via our website [tenspacebrand.com].

What else would you like to say about the radical retail concept? 

Come visit! It is one of a kind.

Click here for more information about and pictures of the LED displays at TENSPACE.


Founded in 2014, TENFOLD® is a design firm that helps brands align their physical and virtual environments to their business strategy, connecting people to place in a meaningful way. TENFOLD® serves clients worldwide across corporate, retail, education, and healthcare markets. For more information on the design firm, visit tenfoldbrand.com. To learn more about the company’s innovative retail store, visit tenspacebrand.com.

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