Using Digital Displays to Create Immersive Experiences

If you’ve been to a museum or the lobby of a tech giant lately, or even watched an immensely popular space western, you’ve likely seen an example of how digital display technology is being used to craft immersive experiences. This trend is indicative of the evolution of experience design, and it’s particularly exciting for those in the LED display industry.

So, what exactly is an immersive experience and why is digital display technology such a good fit?

For answers to these questions, visit our growing library of LED-industry resources (known as LEDUCATION), for a new eBrief titled Immersive Experience: Creating Memorable, Immersive Experiences with Digital Technology.

In this eBrief, we cover experience design (XD), how digital technology has revolutionized the concept, and offer several key examples of the many professions modernizing their fields with digital display-based immersive experience design. It also expands on some of the concepts introduced previously in Limelight: The SNA Blog

Stay tuned for more informational resources.