Tower Lighting Enhances Vibe at L.A. LIVE

After completing phase one of the L.A. LIVE makeover – 10 state-of-the-art LED screens – phase two called for the installation of integrated RGB accent lighting for all six of the venue’s courtyard towers.

(See our project page for a project description and a gallery of images.) 

For the lighting aspect, SNA Displays supplied LED strip from its THRUMEDIA™ product line. While this highly customizable product is typically installed as transparent video display, the LED strips were employed as dynamic lighting effects for the L.A. LIVE towers.

The extremely wide viewing angles for SNA Displays’ video products – including its LED strips – is typically a benefit for our clients. In this case, the light need to be focused in a narrow beam angle. Sansi’s display engineering team utilized custom lenses from the lighting division to focus the beam angle down to twelve degrees. This lens was originally utilized for highway lighting applications but worked ideally in this application. YESCO designed custom reflectors for each level to properly reflect the light out to the courtyard viewers.

Given that SNA Displays’ LED strips are addressable down to the individual pixel, the lighting effects and possibilities are endless. The result is a dazzling and complementary dynamic digital system in which all the display and lighting components throughout the entertainment district work in harmony through a central content management system.

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