The Chronicles of San Francisco Ends Its Year-Long Run

Timelapse Videos Bookend the Life of a Digital Art Exhibit

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” And this is no-less true for digital art exhibits than anything else.

The Chronicles of San Francisco was a 107-foot-long digital mural created by internationally recognized artist JR. It was a featured exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Roberts Family Gallery from May 2019 to August 2020, not to mention a first-of-its-kind digital canvas containing nearly 26 million pixels that was among the highest-resolution LED displays in the U.S. It even won a few digital display awards.

To create the piece, JR set up a mobile studio in 22 locations around San Francisco. He then filmed, photographed, and interviewed a broad swathe of people from the city’s diverse communities. In the completed work, a digital mural scrolls across the enormous LED display, bringing together the faces and untold stories of everyday people.

Sensory Interactive provided design, technical specification, procurement, and project management services for the digital art piece, and it was manufactured and installed by SNA Displays. The Chronicles of San Francisco is an excellent example of the growing contribution that digital art is making to the art world. It reveals how powerful technology can transform the artistic experience both by enhancing its immersive qualities and by creating an essentially new medium. It’s also an exciting trend for the future of museums and other curated art platforms.

The following timelapse videos offer a peek into the installation and breakdown processes.



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