SNa Displays provides Student Scholarships for Art+Technology summit

When it comes to getting the most out of digital displays, stunning content draws eyes and forges memories. For this reason, SNA Displays has developed relationships with many of the industry’s brightest content creators. But it’s equally important to invest in the next generation of digital artists.

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That’s where CODAworx comes in.

CODAworx is a community organization that links artists and other creatives with professionals seeking commissioned artwork. Is your company looking for a unique lobby centerpiece? Does your city want to install artwork at a local park? CODAworx helps you find the talent and experience to make it happen.

The CODAsummit is a yearly conference that gathers creative professionals from across its communities to meet, connect and learn from one another. This year, the CODAsummit – like the rest of the business world – went virtual, bringing the art and technology community together to network, share information and resources, and redefine the creative field.

To make this even more accessible for aspiring students in the digital arts, SNA Displays partnered with CODAworx to create the Dreams Live Digitally Scholarship program.

“The Dreams Live Digitally Scholarships allow young art students to attend CODAsummit and thus envision a career in the experiential art world,” said Toni Sikes, CEO and co-founder of CODAworx. “Our sincere gratitude goes to SNA Displays for having the vision to support and encourage this critical piece of our mission of learning and connecting.”

CODAworx shares information about the scholarship with members of its community, encouraging them to spread the word to their own networks. Teachers play an important role in this process, encouraging their students to apply. Submissions are open to current students who have not previously received a CODAsummit scholarship. This year, CODAworx chose five recipients, who were recognized by Gerard Shallo, senior director of marketing at SNA Displays, during one of the summit’s online sessions.

This year’s Dreams Live Digitally Scholarship recipients are:

headshot Bianca Amato 1
Bianca Amato

Bianca is a third-year student at The New School in New York. Her interests include media studies and design for public spaces.

I am honored to be one of this year’s recipients of the [Dreams Live Digitally] Scholarships and having the opportunity to attend CODAsummit. As a current graduate student at The New School, studying Media Management, my interests reside in creating multisensorial spaces through immersive technologies and interactive devices. My key takeaway was to understand the relationship between digital art and reality. Thank you for granting me with the wonderful opportunity to attend this educational and inspirational summit.

headshot Kelly Cassidy 1
Kelly Cassidy

Kelly is a fourth-year student at the California Institute of Integral Studies with a special interest in how art and technology intersect.

I feel so honored to be one of the five scholarship recipients for this year’s CODAsummit. I have been wanting to go to a CODAsummit for years now and thanks to you, it became possible. I was amazed at the personal connections we were able to have … I felt like a very small fish in a huge ocean, but it just made me more inspired and enthusiastic to follow my dreams into becoming an installation artist.

headshot Sukanya Mani
Sukanya Mani

Sukanya is a first-year student at Maker’s Space with a special interest in public art.

My primary goal for the summit was to network and find out how the Public Art world functions. I thank the sponsors of the scholarship–SNA Displays and Wagner Murray Architects­–for giving me this opportunity. I aspire to be one of the presenting artists someday!

headshot Mariana Sanson
Mariana Sanson

Mariana is a second-year student at The New School in New York who an interest in how art and technology intersect.

CODAsummit gave me the opportunity to see and hear professionals and their practice. I felt recognized and included to be presented on Thursday and my heart beat with excitement to learn that my participation was possible thanks to one of the sponsors that have collaborated with JR,* an artist I admire. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity of being part of an event like this, what I learned and saw will help me in my future as a Media Studies graduate [student].

headshot Elyssa Sykes Smith
Elyssa Sykes-Smith

Elyssa is an artist and researcher attending the Architectural Association School of Architecture (London). Her interests include public art, architecture, health science research, and engagement.

The opportunity to attend the 2020 CODAsummit virtual conference was an inspirational and educational experience, one that I would not have had access to without the support of the Dreams Live Digitally Scholarship. . . . the CODAsummit was an ideal melting pot of ideas, approaches, examples both artistic and technical, and of individual stories that have helped to expand my knowledge of what has been created and what may be possible to create in the near future by embracing new digital technology.

* Visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art page more information on the massive digital canvas custom-built for JR’s The Chronicles of San Francisco

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