SNA Displays Presents informative video at london digital signage week

London Digital Signage Week took place from May 17-21, 2021 and featured industry professionals from around the world meeting in person for the first time in over a year. The digital signage event, now in its seventh year, was hosted by Adrian Cotterill, co-founder and editor-in-chief of DailyDOOH, a popular website and newsletter dedicated to digital out-of-home news and events. This year, Mr. Cotterill invited SNA Displays’ Sweden-based team to participate and present a perspective on elevating retail and office spaces with LED display technology.

“This was a great opportunity to introduce SNA Displays and our physical presence in Europe to the European market,” said Peter Gustafsson, who drives SNA Displays’ business development in European markets. “As COVID-19 is still in the way and presenting some travel road blocks, we decided to shoot a short film on our presentation topic so that DailyDOOH so could air it at the LED Summit.”

Before the produced video aired at the Summit, Peter and Johan Skepparman, also based in Stockholm, connected live with the in-person and online audiences to introduce themselves and the video. The pair also participated in a live question-and-answer event afterwards. Such questions included the biggest hurdles to getting customers to invest, ASPECT all-in-one technology for home cinemas, and SNA Displays’ long-term warranty on indoor LED products.

The informative, often playful video covers key topics to consider when choosing LED technology and is a valuable resource in helping property developers transform an array of spaces. Enjoy…

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