Largest MEGA-SPECTACULAR for 2nd Consecutive Year

By just about any measure, 2018 was a great year for Sansi North America (SNA) Displays. We continued industry-bucking trends, manufacturing LED displays for some of the highest-profile projects and venues in the U.S. Further, SNA Displays expanded its reach to Central America, installing nine LED screens throughout Oxígeno Human Playground, a modern, sprawling new mall in Heredia, Costa Rica.

One of SNA Displays’ more prominent installations last year was the mega-spectacular trio of LED screens at Circa Towers in Los Angeles. At more than 18,000 square feet and 17 million pixels, it’s unquestionably one of the largest and highest-resolution LED display projects in the world.

The middle screen itself, measuring 65 feet 4 inches tall and 121 feet 3 inches wide, was perhaps the largest continuous outdoor digital display installed in the United States in 2018. (It was certainly larger than this digital billboard in Puerto Rico.) The middle display at Circa Towers is contoured around the development’s parking garage and totals 7,925 square feet of digital canvas at 7.3 million pixels.

Given the wrap-around design of the Circa Towers LED displays, they are reminiscent of another mega-spectacular screen SNA Displays erected in 2017, the curved behemoth at HERSEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD in the heart of Times Square. At that location — 20 Times Square — SNA Displays installed the highest-resolution display in the history of Times Square. The massive screen, once operated by the NFL Experience, is 186 feet 4 inches wide by 91 feet 4 inches high and contains just shy of 25 million pixels. At 17,021 square feet, it too was the largest continuous exterior LED screen in the U.S. for the calendar year. (The halo display at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which we did not manufacture, was also a very large indoor/outdoor display that year.)

Installing the industry’s largest exterior mega-spectacular displays for two consecutive years is a testament to SNA Display’s ability to not only successfully manage the most complex and prominent projects in the industry but also to attract and retain clients in the mega-spectacular space.

With more and more companies capitalizing on the benefits of large-scale digital content messaging, these testaments definitely bode well for the good guys. 😉