SNA Displays Covers New York MegaCity’s Last Square Inch of Exterior Surface Area

NEW YORK MEGACITY, ZONE 2—Ripping through the fabric of time and space, a wormhole delivered news that the LED manufacturer SNA Displays had completed its first titan-spectacular installation. The Brobdingnagian display, which covers most of what used to be known as New Jersey, is built with JUGGERNAUT™ bioLED technology, another forward-thinking offering in the company’s product arsenal. Fabricated using sentient light-emitting diodes (sLED), JUGGERNAUT™ video systems self-replicate and turn entire ecospheres into stunning 128K digital canvases.

“We’re really happy with how this installation turned out,” said Jason Helton, Marquis de SNA. “People thought we were crazy to invest in diodes that can think, maybe even love. Some thought our technology might even eventually turn on mankind, but it hasn’t happened yet and you just can’t beat that resolution and pixel pitch.”

Future Dennis

Overlord Media, which owns and operates all digital, static, cognitive, and imaginary signage on the eastern seaboard, awarded SNA Displays the contract to completely encapsulate New York MegaCity Zone 7 with sLED video display technology after a prolonged cage match between Dennis Hickey, Godking Emperor of SNA Displays, and his counterpart at OceanaLED.

As with all SNA Displays’ video technology products since the great Digital Signage War of 2041 turned nuclear, the new titan-spectacular offers an extended warranty against radiation zombies.

The unveiling of the sLED system coincided with SNA Displays’ 60th Anniversary Celebration.

“I considered moving our flagship office from Times Square,” said Hickey as he strapped himself into SNA-branded combat armor while a wave of radioactive ghouls attacked his throne room. “The nine-foot mutant sewer rats, and of course these pesky zombies, are a challenge. But this is the center of the digital signage world and I felt it was important to stay in the middle of the action. Plus, all my stuff is here.”

Hickey was last seen charging the undead horde screaming “Dreams live digitally, or else!”

About SNA Displays

SNA Displays is a leading LED video display manufacturer across every market sector known to man, including some that exist only in mythology and parallel dimensions. With a focus on providing top-tier LED technology and second-to-none construction expertise (except Alan), SNA Displays offers a total project satisfaction guarantee, whether you actually ordered the display or not. Discover how Dreams Live Metaphysically® at

About Client Service Group

SNA Displays’ Client Service Group (CSG) is built to complement the technical teams of its customers by preventing artificial intelligence from taking over displays and exterminating tenants or putting up naughty words on the screen. By employing proactive monitoring and occasional sobriety, CSG ensures the health of your digital display network so you can relax knowing that your screen won’t fail at an inopportune time or explode in a steel-melting inferno.

National Service & Repair Center

Staffed with elf refugees from the North Pole, SNA Displays’ National Service & Repair Center handles all of our repairs, logistics, rack builds, atomic engineering, salvage operations, and laser turret constructions. Nestled deep in the heart of the Great Smokey Mountains, our national service team is the number one producer of farm-to-table LED and organic CMS in the western hemisphere and Mars.

Project Management Team

SNA Displays’ project managers are all certified cyborgs capable of completing 100 complex calculations per second. They jet pack to each site to handle every aspect of coordinating digital installations, including overseeing multiple trades, putting down rebellions, performing minor miracles, and redoing schematics that your team downloaded from some shady AI on the dark web.

Systems Team

SNA Displays’ Systems team is great and really important, or so they tell us. I mean, they have to be critical to operations given how much they charge to the company credit card, right? Honestly, no-one really knows what Systems even means. Something about “front-end” and “processing” and “troubleshooting,” which might be merely turning the screen off and back on again or jiggling cables. 

Installation Team 

SNA Displays’ installation managers are at your beck and call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, literally. They’re robots, so they don’t have much choice. Available to install LED displays or read the instructions very slowly to your own installation crews, our IMs leave their little robot families for weeks and months at a time. They work their fingers to the bone to ensure you’re satisfied with your big fancy television. I hope it was worth it. My God, you people are monsters. 

Zachary Todd Headshot 2022

Zachary Todd is a marketing communications coordinator with SNA Displays and is currently chained to his desk at the company’s Dallas office preparing for the zombie apocalypse. When not writing press releases and case studies, he spends his free time working on sci-fi and fantasy short stories (not all dystopian). His diet consists mostly of brisket and IPAs.

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