Sheraton Dallas Upgrades Entrance with LED Displays

SNA Displays’ project management team is onsite in downtown Dallas to supervise the installation of two LED column displays at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. The team is working with Prism Electric, Technology Division, as part of a larger renovation at the historic hotel, the largest and second tallest in Dallas.

Visitors to the hotel will feel the impact of the LED displays immediately as they enter the hotel from its main circle-drive entrance at 400 N Olive Street, just across the street from The International Conference and Exposition Center. The upgrade includes wrapping the two floor-to-ceiling columns that flank the large revolving-door entrance to the Marriott property with a total of more than 2 million pixels.

SNA Displays provided technology from its BOLD™ interior line of LED display products. Each column wrap will employ a 2.5 mm pixel pitch. Since each display is 1,080 pixels high and — when unwrapped — 1,920 pixels wide, they are capable of displaying high-definition content.

The project is scheduled to be completed this week. More information and photos coming soon.

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