Seeing is Believing

Having joined SNA Displays—and thus, the LED display industry—at an interesting time in history, it’s been a strange experience to work closely with colleagues whom I’ve never met in person. So, when the chance came to visit my old stomping grounds to attend a Masters Tournament Watch Party at our Atlanta Training Facility and Showroom, I jumped at the chance. Not only would I be able to interact with some of my coworkers in person for the first time, but I would be able to get up close and personal with some of the amazing LED technology on display at the office. 

I can summarize the event itself pretty easily: Good people. Good fun. The purpose of my trip to Atlanta was to cover the event and hobnob with some of our preferred dealers, but while I was there I was able to reinforce professional bonds and get a much more personal feel for the LED display technology that my company makes.

Rick Bortles, our vice president of global sales, described the Atlanta office to me like this: “Many places have offices that happen to include a showroom. Our Atlanta facility is a showroom and training center with some offices.”

And that really was my experience. The first thing you see from the building’s lobby through the glass doors is a 4.0 mm, 7′ by 12’6″ BOLD™ Interior video wall playing all kinds of artistic content, including some custom work done for us by our friends over at Fusion CI Studios. What I liked most about this display is its position at the end of a long hallway with markers on the floor showing your proximity. This is a great, hands-on demonstration of optimal viewing distance.

Past the conference room and training center is the showroom floor. I say showroom, but it’s set up more like a home theater with comfy couches to sit in, have a nice chat, and enjoy the screen content. Two especially noteworthy displays, both from our BRILLIANT™ Interior series, were a 1.0 mm LED screen and a 0.9 mm LED screen. I’d read about the product and seen specs, but viewing sub-1 mm LED product up close really is something else.

The focal point of the showroom, though, particularly for the Masters Tournament, was the 4K Wow Wall, a 9′ x 16′, 1.25 mm BRILLIANT™ Interior LED screen. All of the guests remarked on the screen’s size and clarity. It certainly blows projection screens, which were hot stuff not that long ago, way out of the water.

All this is to say, you can look at pretty pictures, watch in-depth videos, and read technical specs until your eyes bleed, but when it comes to LED screens, seeing (in person) really is believing. My thanks to the welcoming and fun people in SNA Displays’ Atlanta office and those who traveled from remote locations to make this event a success.

Zachary Todd

Zachary Todd is a communications associate with SNA Displays, copywriting and editing a variety of communications material such as company news releases, blogs, and case studies

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