Quality, Safety, and Expertise Are More Important Than Ever

Dennis Hickey
Dennis Hickey, President

In the wake of a fire at one of Times Square’s most notable digital billboards over the weekend, I wanted to offer my thoughts to the conversation.

In the closing months of 2018, our executive team began discussing a new program to offer customers to shore up any concerns developers, owners, investors, and their consultants might have about investing in large-format digital displays. Given the vast improvements in technology and the very obvious benefits of dynamic video content in a decidedly digital world, the sheer size, scope, and complexity of LED signage has increased dramatically in recent years.

As a leading LED display manufacturer, we’ve been at the forefront of this growth, building and installing some of North America’s largest, most intricate display systems. And what we heard from many of our clients was a growing concern about their investment. Can you make the schedule? How long will my display last? Will it hold up to newer products and changing technologies in the coming years? What sort of maintenance is sufficient? Is it safe?

Now I take great pride in the fact that SNA Displays has developed one of the industry’s best reputations when it comes to people-related, hands-on services. In particular, our project managers, our systems and network personnel, and our post-install service technicians really stand out and seem to garner all the praise from our clients and partners after a project is completed. Given these strengths, we’re typically able to alleviate most clients’ concerns.

However, in an effort to better communicate these strengths and allow customers to take full advantage of them, we began to lay out a tangible program that encompassed the people and services that really make us tick. We had planned to announce this program along with a revamped website we have coming soon. But given the very unfortunate situation with the Thomson-Reuters display in Times Square over the weekend, and with more and more questions and concerns highlighted, no time is better. We are calling this program SNAPros.

Our SNAPros program consists of our best engineers, systems and network experts, support staff, and service technicians. Through this program, we are better able to provide clients the confidence they seek in digital display technology. We’re also solidifying our mission of total project satisfaction and creating a concrete focus internally on this mission.

But most importantly, we’re making it clear that we will complete this mission by way of quality, safety, expertise, and the overall customer experience.

Clients we’ve worked for through the years have certainly recognized the quality products we deliver and how impressed they are with picture quality or advertising effectiveness. But we know we’ve retained our clients time and time again with our people, our pros.

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