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Paul England is the director of design solutions at SNA Displays. He has been in the LED display industry for 10 years and worked for Canon and Hewlett-Packard in previous careers. In his role at SNA Displays, Paul works with architects, designers, content creators, consultants, and others on various applications and display technology solutions. He also supports the company’s sales teams and Channel Partner program.

As an LED display manufacturer, we at SNA Displays regularly get positive feedback about our technology – which of course we love to hear. But a significant part of my job is working with great audio-visual (AV) integrators and sometimes they just don’t get the credit they deserve. While the overall experience itself is what impacts viewers of video display applications, we know that quality hardware and systems are critical. In fact, an incredible audio-visual experience is possible only through applying technical knowhow, close coordination, attention to detail, and quality systems integration.  

That’s why SNA Displays only trusts its brand with best-in-class partners.

If you’ll allow the metaphor, the overall design, the display hardware, and the content are like bricks in a wall —the obvious pieces that everyone notices. You can design the perfect structure on paper, select the highest-quality building materials, and hire accomplished painters, but without mortar and a skilled mason, the wall—even with the best bricks available—won’t stand on its own. This is where AV integrators, the masons, provide value far beyond what is easily seen on the surface.

You see, AV integrators do far more than design or assemble or connect or even integrate. They bring the experience and skill necessary to having a successful final product.

Many customers don’t fully realize the different skill sets and trades AV integrators often coordinate to ensure a successful project: LED display manufacturers, electricians, steel fabricators, lift operators, engineers, design experts, and more. That’s why it’s particularly wise to involve an AV integrator early in the development of a new space versus bringing them in at a later stage.

By consulting an AV integrator early in the design process, customers can, for example, end up with a room whose architectural components are designed around the technology, not the other way around. This maximizes the benefits of video and audio elements, potentially creating a space that is both functional and memorable.

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Then, there are the many things reliable integrators do on the jobsite day in and day out. These are the mortar, binding the entire operation in many ways. Precision mounting, quality interconnects, expert cable management, efficient rack builds, and countless others—again, behind-the-scenes services that can make all the difference.

In fact, the benefits of beautiful cable management and a well-labelled installation go well beyond aesthetics. These services make support and service down the road easier, faster, and more effective. This is especially true on extensive rack systems designed to drive complex display systems—the sheer number of connections can be staggering! But a well-dressed rack room means better airflow, less electromagnetic interference, fewer disconnects, and ultimately longer-lasting components.

Customers may not need to know all those technical details, but a professional AV integrator certainly does!

All of this to say, while we think we make pretty darn good displays, without the right content, systems, and people behind it, even the best display hardware will fall short of expectations. So, thank you to our amazing partners and friends in the audio-visual industry who help to create the incredible every day. We are happy to have you as incredible ambassadors in the LED display industry, and proud to work on such amazing experiences with you.

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