PREVIEW: The London LED Summit

At the London LED Summit, which is part of London Digital Signage Week, expert speakers will be looking at the LED video market evolution in Western Europe, what the opportunities are for ultra-fine pitch, miniLED, and MicroLED, and the purpose of shape-changing displays.

It will also explore how award-winning LED installs are put together, discuss the LED opportunities within corporate lobbies and atriums, and take a detailed look at retail and physical design.

SNA Displays is honored to provide guest speakers for the event. Representing SNA Displays’ European division, Johan Skepparman and Peter Gustafsson will speak about how to elevate spaces through digital experiences.

Watch the videos below for a preview of what some of the keynote speakers will discuss. For more information, visit the London LED Summit’s homepage.

London LED Summit 2021 Preview with Johan Skepparman and PEter Gustafsson

London LED Summit 2021 Preview with Bob Kronman

London LED Summit 2021 Preview with Jenny Hicks