Local News Channel Covers Employee’s Efforts During Pandemic

SNA Displays’ employee Danielle Dassaro was featured last week for her heroic efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. She was also recognized and covered by local news station WATE 6 in Knoxville.

Danielle said, “I am fortunate enough to work for a company that supports its employees in every way, even donating towards materials, and that puts our safety first.”

Naturally, the interview practiced social distancing with a mic set up 6 feet away from the interviewer.

Danielle is a project assistant at our Sansi Image Care office in Knoxville, Tennessee. Together, Danielle’s family team has sewn over 700 masks and sent them to hospitals in New York City, New Jersey, and their hometown of Knoxville. Many masks are also going to friends, family, and other health professionals and essential workers to keep them protected.

We’re all proud of the selfless work Danielle’s done and glad to see her get some recognition outside of the company.

In addition to making masks for first responders, healthcare workers, and restaurant employees, Danielle is also ensuring her SNA Displays family stays safe. “’I’m nearly done with all SNA requests . . . everyone should have theirs by the end of this week or beginning of next week.”

So, what’s next for Danielle? 

“We just got in Army Combat Unit (ACU) designs for the military,” she said, “so we’re starting on that for various bases or until we run out of fabric.”

Here is a transcript of the video:

A Knoxville Mom and Kids [are] doing what they can to help out during these uncertain times. Danielle Dassaro’s grandmother taught her to sew when she was around eight years old–that skill coming in handy now. Danielle’s daughter [is] immune-compromised and she says she has always done needs-based sewing–face masks included. So far, Danielle and her family have sewn more than 800 masks, sending them to health care workers all over the country.

“We’ve been sending them all over from Knoxville hospitals, New York City hospitals, New Jersey hospitals. We’ve sent them to various police departments, several Army bases, even some restaurant workers. Some restaurants are still open for takeout, but they’re still exposing themselves. So even the essential workers that are not healthcare, we still need to protect them as well.

Absolutely. Danielle adds that her company, SNA Displays Image Care, has provided much of her financial support in making these masks. 

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