Let’s Talk About Worry-Free Managed Services

When it comes to digital signage, at least two things are abundantly clear: 1) you’ve got have great content to stand out and 2) someone has to manage it. Given SNA Displays’ expertise in various aspects of LED display technology, we tend to get a lot of questions. Who will manage my digital display once it’s installed? How do I get compelling content from the industry’s leading digital artists? Can my in-house IT department handle everything or do I need to create a new job position?

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Mike Sabia has been in the signage industry for almost 20 years, contributing to some of the most innovative advertising campaigns to appear in out-of-home (OOH) advertising. At SNA Displays, Mike focuses on creative applications in technology, content management, and signage control solutions.

Fortunately, my team—Client Service Group (CSG)—can help. As director of CSG at SNA Displays, I can answer any questions you may have about managed services. Let’s go ahead and give it a shot.

Who is the Client Service Group?

CSG is a team of systems experts and engineers who complement our clients’ technical staff with specialized services and skillsets important to the smooth operation of robust digital display systems. We are experts in content management strategies and we work with our subscribers to recommend, implement, and deploy technologies, utilizing best practices that maximize your digital displays’ performance and audience reach.

As a self-contained business unit, CSG manages accounts both in and out of the SNA Displays installation base. CSG can deploy anywhere and work out of any location to provide managed services solutions.

What does the Client Service Group do?

In short, CSG offers peace of mind in a technical, sometimes challenging space. We handle all the details of running and monitoring the health of any digital display in your network so that you can enjoy the benefits worry-free.

Tailored Approach

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Each of our clients has different needs. CSG services can be tailored to support any digital display situation.

Typical arrangements include:

  • Single Party Ownership (one primary stakeholder/owner)
  • Full-Time Third-Party Advertising (for exclusively monetized displays)
  • Mixed-Use (shared ownership or internal marketing with third-party as sales)

While many LED screens are plug-and-play, large networked systems can require 24/7 monitoring of dozens of interior and exterior displays. At the American Dream mega-mall in New Jersey, for example, CSG deploys a full suite of managed services. This includes daily monitoring of 200+ display assets, content scheduling and system oversight for the entire campus, support for special events, and coordination with ownership and media sales partners.

Proactive Monitoring

One of CSG’s most important (and popular) services is real-time proactive monitoring, and it can be delivered as a dedicated offering or a collection of tools to integrate into your existing network operations center. Stakeholders can rest easy because we act on issues as they happen and can initiate warranty services when applicable. This means we help maximize your equipment for peak efficiency by providing analytics for uptime, device, and network health so you can make data-driven decisions about your display(s). We also offer surge support for key events and constantly test your LED display system to diagnose issues before they become problems.

Content Management and Scheduling

CSG can build and maintain schedules as dictated by media ad sales or work with ownership to create custom playback strategies. We do this by having expert-level experience with the best-known CMS platforms. We are continuously building our network of partners for solutions in this space. Our network-of-partners approach means that we’ll work with the best products and partners to achieve our clients’ goals.

Even with the best scheduling, you can’t just put any type of content on your LED screen and expect perfect results, especially if the screen is uniquely shaped. For non-standard aspect ratios, properly formatted content is critical and should come from digital content creators who follow CSG-provided content guidelines and templates. 

Sourcing Digital Content

When you hire CSG, you also gain access to a network of curated digital content providers, so you can make your digital canvas come to life with amazing content without having to source it yourself. For example, at the Associated River Bank Center in Milwaukee, CSG connected ownership to cFire for a collection of stunning biophilic videos set to play at specific moments around dwell times.

Similarly, if you’re looking for help with advertising assets and media partners, CSG can help you meet those needs too.

Hopefully you can now see the benefits of including managed services in your digital media strategy. If you have any questions about managed services for digital display networks—or anything the Client Service Group can help with—please feel free to email me or visit me on LinkedIn.

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