Let’s Enjoy a Coffee Together. (Apart.)

Here’s the thing. We miss you.

Truth be told, we’re having some withdrawal issues. Sure, we’re working. We’re doing all the things we should be doing. We’re video-conferencing. We’re fabricating. We’re project managing, selling, servicing. Heck, we’re even doing some marketing. 😉

But to be honest, it’s just not the same without you. Maybe you feel the same way?

So here’s what we’re going to do. Assuming you’d like to enjoy a caffeinated beverage, how about you head to Starbucks and have one on us? That’s right, you can make our day if you’ll just allow us to pick up the tab on this one.

All you have to do is pull up the image of the phone here. And when it comes time to pay, scan the barcode.

phone starbucks 3 NEW


See, now we can enjoy a coffee together, apart.

RULES (there’s always a catch, right?):

  • You must be safe (and considerate of others).
  • You can only take advantage of this offer if it’s allowed in your neck of the woods. Please heed local guidelines and orders.
  • Limit one drink. Honor code. We have lots of friends, you know.
  • If sharing adventures in the wild is your thing, feel free to tag us so we can (knowingly) enjoy this one with you. Find @snadisplays on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
  • And if hashtags are your thing, #CoffeeOnSNA.

That’s it. Enjoy… while we enjoy you enjoying!

Offer good until our cup runneth dry. Offer in no way affiliated with Starbucks Corporation.

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