How Little Diodes Make a Big Difference

You may be familiar with SNA Displays’ mission of helping our customers’ Dreams Live Digitally®. For us at it’s more than our tagline, it’s a commitment. If you ask any member of the SNA family about what aspects of their job they enjoy the most, many will talk about working with so many talented and visionary designers who create the content that lives on our displays. Knowing that we’ve provided the canvas for so many digital art pieces such as the one at 350 Mission Street in San Francisco keeps us striving to build more exciting and dynamic displays to serve as a gallery for our customers’ imaginations.

In support of our visionary partners, SNA Displays takes pride in helping to provide the expertise to power our customers’ projects. We are committed to providing educational material to help folks in our industry fully understand all aspects to consider in a display project. An example of this type of resource is a newly-created eBrief on pixel packaging, and how the right technology can make all the difference in not only the quality of your content but even the angles at which the content can best be viewed.

I’d recommend our new eBrief titled Pixel Packaging: SMD vs. Discrete to anyone looking to better understand how pixel packaging can make a big difference in the world of digital displays.

SNA Staff Gerard Shallo
SNA Staff Gerard Shallo

As Senior Director of Marketing, Gerard gets to work with the team to tell the SNA Displays story to our customers, partners, and the digital display industry. Gerard is a big believer in working with the many creative and talented people in this industry to see their Dreams Live Digitally.

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