Grandscape Recognized As Finalist for 2022 DSE Awards

Questex’s Digital Signage Experience (DSE) recently unveiled this year’s Digital Signage Experience (DIZZIE) Awards, naming Grandscape a finalist. Grandscape is a destination shopping center in North Dallas that features retail, dining, living, and entertainment space.

The venue has a vast digital signage network designed by the Barnycz Group and featuring video display technology from SNA Displays. The DIZZIE award finalist selection is one of four for SNA Displays, more than any other company. Other SNA Displays digital signage projects receiving recognition are the AT&T Discovery District, Gensler’s Austin office lobby, and The Orbit Retail Experience.

“The DIZZIEs were created to recognize companies who are leading the way in harnessing digital signage to reach target audiences and fulfill strategic objectives,” said David Drain, DSE’s director of event programs. “We congratulate SNA Displays on being named a finalist.”

Grandscape has already won awards from numerous organizations including the ICX Association, AVIXA, DailyDOOH, and D Magazine.

Project Overview

Grandscape is a destination shopping center featuring digital signage throughout the development, the centerpiece of which is a vertical, double-ellipsoid-shaped video display (the Stylon™) surrounded by a reflecting pond with fountain features.

Built on a site of more than 400 acres in Dallas, Texas, Grandscape is one of the largest mixed-use real estate developments in the United States. To achieve their ambitious goals and set a new benchmark for in-person experience, Grandscape’s visionaries created a ‘Lifestyle Center’ using themed technology to attract, entertain and retain customers. Through the use of engaging display technology, Grandscape offers an entertainment and retail environment that is welcoming, informative, exciting, and memorable for visitors of all ages.

Grandscape ellipsoid LED screen

SNA Displays manufactured much of the LED display technology in use at Grandscape, most notably the Stylon display built into the reflecting pool by the main entrance. Designed and engineered by the Barnycz Group, this 43’4″ tall by 36’9″ wide double-ellipsoid display welcomes visitors with various creative content including digital art, Grandscape imagery, and out-of-home advertising.

Built from SNA Displays’ EMPIRE™ Exterior series, the double-sided 6.7 mm pixel pitch display is comprised of almost 4,000 LED video tiles and has more than 3,000 square feet of digital canvas and 6.7 million total pixels.

Other key digital signage features on the Grandscape campus are the wrap-around marquee above the Galaxy Theater and two rooftop displays that overlook the reflecting pond and the site’s main lawn.

Attracting and Retaining Visitors

For a retail project on the scale of Grandscape to succeed, it must offer an memorable in-person experience that attracts visitors and keeps them coming back. Grandscape does that on a massive scale — shoppers, visitors, and residents can enjoy more 3.9 million square feet of retail space, entertainment, dining, attractions, and residential accommodation. But it’s more than just scale. To attract customers and retailers, the developers have created a premier destination where the in-person experience is exceptional. The Grandscape experience is unique and surprising, offering something visitors probably haven’t seen before.

Integration of Audiovisual Tech

Grandscape’s design approach ensures the audiovisual technology is integrated in a way that is elegant, fit for its purpose, and carefully matched to the surrounding architecture and design. Grandscape represents a benchmark in retail experience given the sophistication of the audiovisual and experiential technology required to generate its in-person experience. The Stylon Reflecting Pool at the site’s the main entrance, for example, welcomes guests with a striking 43-feet tower that in an attractive petal shape along with Grandscape’s name in 13-foot-tall channel letters, all reflected in the pool. It serves as a local landmark, advertising platform, artistic centerpiece, and communication method.

The multimedia displays provide ‘show-stopping moments’ that engage customers throughout their visit. The quality of visitor information is equally high, with advanced, easy-to-use displays that keep guests safe and informed across the entire center. The result is a world-class retail center that takes the traditional mixed-use retail space into a new era. These amenities at Grandscape have proved extremely popular with visitors and images are widely shared on social media. This helps to create a buzz, spreading the word about the center and attracting even more visitors.