Gensler Lobby Video Wall Selected as Finalist for Digital Signage Experience Award

Judges for the Digital Signage Experience Awards selected the lobby at Gensler’s Austin office as a finalist for the 2022 DIZZIEs in the category of Corporate Environments. The centerpiece of the lobby is a multi-tech LED video wall manufactured by SNA Displays. The selection is one of four for SNA Displays, more than any other company. Other SNA Displays digital signage projects receiving recognition are the AT&T Discovery District, Grandscape, and The Orbit Retail Experience.

“The DIZZIEs were created to recognize companies who are leading the way in harnessing digital signage to reach target audiences and fulfill strategic objectives,” said David Drain, DSE’s director of event programs. “We congratulate SNA Displays on being named a finalist.”

Project Overview

The lobby video wall in the Austin office of the trendsetting architecture, design, and planning firm Gensler is a valuable tool that demonstrates the power of digital experiences. The installation combines full-matrix LED display technology with horizontal LED strips to create a layered, visually striking digital artboard. Gensler uses the display technology to feature locally sourced creatives from artists and students, ambient nature content, mesmerizing data sculptures, and its portfolio. The display wraps around the lobby wall and stands as a beautiful centerpiece to Gensler’s contemporary lobby.

What makes the lobby display at Gensler’s Austin location unique is the way it seamlessly integrates THRUMEDIA® technology, SNA Displays’ transparent video product line, with its fine-pitch BRILLIANT™ Interior series. THRUMEDIA® displays include LED sticks at various pixel pitches and spacing to create “see-through” video displays via creative, non-traditional layouts. For their Austin lobby, however,  Gensler deployed the LED sticks in a more artistic way to achieve a certain effect.

Gensler’s state-of-the-art LED display system is 13-feet-high by 26-feet-wide. The main, full-matrix portion of the LED wall uses a narrow pixel pitch of 1.9 mm and contains more than 5.8 million pixels (1,404 x 4,160).

The project was designed, planned, and managed by Gensler.

Digital Signage Experience 2022 Finalists: