From Digital Signage Pulse: SNA Displays’ Sustained Success

If you’ve been in or around the digital display industry for any significant amount of time, you know it’s a competitive business. Additionally, in recent years as LED technology has improved and costs dipped, more and more companies are entering the fray. Some … ahem, perhaps most … seem to be of the fly-by-night variety, but given the sheer number of players now in this space, it can be tough for good, quality manufacturers to inform potential customers about the reliable products and services they’ve been bringing for years.

This year, SNA Displays is celebrating its 10th birthday in North America. However, we’ve been around since 1993, supplying electronic display technology through OEMs in the U.S. until 2009 when we formally set up shop in New York.

Since then, it’s been consistent growth and success, and now industry players are dependably seeing SNA Displays projects in prominent locations all over North and Central America.

SNA Blog Thumb Sustained Success 2021
SNA Blog Thumb Sustained Success 2021

During a Q&A sit-down with Mel Stott for an article in Digital Signage Pulse, our very own Sr. Director of Communications Mitch Leathers was able to examine some of the reasons SNA Displays has continued to find success in an increasingly tough market. They discussed an overview of the company and its formal arrival in the U.S. a decade ago, the first few SNA projects, our agnosticism to content-management software, common venues for large-format LED video, some of the more prominent SNA Displays video screens, and near-future expectations for the LED display industry.

How LED Sign Manufacturer SNA Displays Succeeds in a Tough Market

SNA Displays, a manufacturer of custom LED display solutions, joined DPAA in 2018. Mel Stott sat down with Mitch Leathers, SNA’s Senior Director of Communications, to learn about how the company competes in the glutted LED display market. -MEL STOTT

What is SNA Displays?

SNA Displays is most known for its highly customized large-scale mega-spectacular LED displays. Headquartered in Times Square, SNA Displays celebrated its 10th year anniversary as a North American company in February of this year. Read more at Digital Signage Pulse >>

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