Enhancing physical space with The digital canvas

When you think about iconic LED displays, you might be tempted to believe only tech giants are using advanced display technology to create memorable and engaging digital experiences. Or, you might think mega-corporations are uniquely able to afford the latest in digital visual visualizations.

Gensler Austin Lobby

But, you’d be wrong.

The truth is, LED displays are becoming more and more cost-effective year after year, so organizations of all sizes and in virtually all industries are increasingly using the digital canvas to improve experiences for both visitors and employees.

The ongoing transition from legacy LCD to enhanced LED technology is improving lobbies, collaborative spaces, museums, and other common areas all over the world. Architects and designers are customizing LED screens to fit any space seamlessly. Likewise, content creators are leveraging the full visual power of LED display technology — with custom curves and corners — to create mesmerizing visual art and effective corporate messaging.

The once-cold corporate environments are being transformed into serene, warm spaces. Powerful, dynamic colors and well-curated digital art are creating meaningful, lasting impressions on guests and employees alike. And visual quality of this level doesn’t stop at corporate lobbies. The hospitality industry and public art world also incorporate LED display technology to engage visitors in new and exciting ways.

Control Room

And for those more focused on efficiency than aesthetics, LED video walls offer unrivaled flexibility and collaborative functionality. With large-format LED screens, an entire team of professionals can view varying content from multiple data sources at the same time. This works well for training rooms, conference spaces, or command and control centers.

Download SNA Displays’ eBrief, The Digital Canvas, to learn more about how organizations of all types are using LED technology to evolve and enhance spaces.


Iconic Interiors: The Digital Canvas

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