DOOHing it Right

It’s no secret that digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is a ubiquitous feature of our everyday lives. Broadly, DOOH is any digital advertising method experienced outside the home. The out-of-home industry, once dominated by static billboards, storefront signage, and building murals, has adapted with the times and digitized much of its deployments. Among other factors, this is due to improved video technologies like LED, lower costs of ownership, and accumulated data proving the efficacy of advertising with dynamic video.

Now, you can find numerous examples every time you leave the house: LED billboards, digital screens at gas pumps and charging stations, LED spectaculars on building facades, and the list goes on and on.

DOOH platforms come in many shapes and sizes. Here, let’s look at a few examples of DOOH deployments: conventional billboard, custom-designed, LED mega-spectacular, and in a transit hub.


DOOHing It Conventionally: Traditionally sized 14×48 LED billboards like the new one at a Hyundai dealership in Carson, California, are arguably the bread and butter of the digital signage and outdoor media industries. So many owners have come to realize that investing in digital display technology, particularly close to busy highways, improves the visibility, quality, and maybe most importantly the flexibility of their message. This kind of dynamic real estate also provides owners additional revenue-generating options and enhanced property value.


DOOHing It Different: As DOOH advertising becomes more common, many specialty media companies use custom-designed video displays to make their tenants stand out. A recent example SNA Displays was fortunate to be involved in was a hybrid video billboard design by Orange Barrel Media on the world-famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

The DOOH platform, which sits atop the historic House on Sunset, is a creative application of LED strip technology combined with the aesthetic of classic Hollywood gantry signage, offering Amazon’s Prime Video a unique, dynamic platform along the very busy thoroughfare.


DOOHing It BIG: Sometimes standing out means going BIG. The award-winning DOOH system at Times Square’s new TSX Broadway, big enough to be in the LED mega-spectacular class, is a multi-screen integration spanning from the 18-000-ft2 wrap-around display just above street-level all the way to the skyscraper’s rooftop. What makes this DOOH platform even more spectacular is the pair of LED doors that swing open from the main screen to reveal a stage inside the display itself 30 feet above 7th Avenue.

Just ask Shakira and Post Malone.


DOOHing It On The Go: The transportation sector also provides many opportunities for digital out of home: people on the go in busy environments. Multi-use screens like the 37-foot LED bulkhead display at New York City’s Penn Station, the busiest transit hub in the western hemisphere, focus on the needs of passengers by offering a platform that not only delivers essential wayfinding and emergency notifications but also serves up digital advertising.

See other examples of the ways in which digital-out-of-home advertising is deployed using LED display technology. 

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