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Overall, workplaces these days are a bit different than the traditional office. In some cases, they have radically transformed due to the heavy demand for a work-from-anywhere option. While many businesses are accommodating this desire for flexibility, some businesses, by their nature, cannot do so and others simply have enough employees who want at least some face-to-face interaction.

While health concerns drove many people out of the office, “Zoom fatigue,” lack of mentoring and training opportunities, and declining professional relationships may bring them back in.

Hence, the hybrid office.

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As part of our educational series of eBriefs, SNA Displays offers Digital Works: Using Digital Displays to Enhance the Workplace. In this eBrief, we discuss how LED display technology helps drive a hybrid workplace solution, giving companies, employees, and visitors the best of both worlds.

Spaces that might have once housed many individual office spaces now allow much more collaborative space, demonstration space, or video-conference suites. And digital assets are playing a large role in ensuring interconnectivity in this hybrid environment.

With the hybrid office model likely here to stay, so too are rapid advancements in the way workers communicate from a distance. Companies will continue incorporating more and more visual technology like LED video displays not only to help workers communicate with each other but also to enhance in-person workplace experiences.

From powerful messaging platforms to effective meeting environments to brand-enhancing digital experiences, LED display systems offer many solutions for the modern workplace.  

Download this free eBrief to learn more.

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