Crash Pad Podcast Discusses The Chronicles of San Francisco

From the show notes:

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Museums all over the world are looking for different and unique ways to engage and welcome people back into their spaces. Recently the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art unveiled an art installation by an internationally recognized artist, JR. He filmed, photographed, and interviewed more than 1,200 people across various San Francisco communities. The final artwork became a digital mural scroll across an enormous LED display. The goal was to bring together faces and untold stories of everyday people. Today I have Jason Helton from SNA Displays and Andrew Yee from Sensory Interactive hanging out with me to give us an inside looking into this art installation at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Listen to the entire show at the Crash Pad podcast.

Link to video timelapse: SNA Displays @  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Connect with Jason Helton Executive, Vice President @SNA Displays on LinkedIn HERE
Connect with Andrew Yee, Senior Project Management Associate @Sensory Interactive on LinkedIn HERE

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