Building and Modernizing with the Digital Canvas

One of SNA Displays’ core values is communication, not just internally, but with its customers. After all, informed customers are satisfied customers. That’s why we created a growing educational eBrief series to cover the basics of digital display technology and its many applications.  

eBrief Booklet Architecture web

The latest eBrief, Digital in Architecture, discusses how the architectural community is integrating LED displays into physical spaces. It also provides several key examples of how organizations of all sizes are taking advantage of LED display technology as a visual medium.

As technology advances, becoming more flexible and less costly, organizations are increasingly looking to the digital canvas to tell their stories. This trend applies to businesses, public service organizations, art centers, and much more. Technology-focused companies may have led the way, but organizations from all walks of life are following suit.

Whether architects are being called on to design new spaces or modernize existing ones, large-format video continues to move from a wish-list item to a must-have. The opportunities for mood-setting content, digital public art, branding, communication, and other memorable forms of messaging are too enticing to pass up. Furthermore, with the increased demand for LED display technology, audio-visual integrators consistently recommend intentionally designing spaces with AV in mind, not as an afterthought.  

Download this free eBrief to learn more about how architects are incorporating LED video display technology into the design and construction of new spaces and the modernization of older spaces.

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