SNA Irvine Spectrum Gallery Thumbnail

Irvine Spectrum Center

Irvine Spectrum Center Total Pixels 741,888 Pixel Pitch 10 mm Resolution 1,008 X 736 Square feet 799 Irvine Spectrum Center SNA Displays manufactured and provided a direct-view LED from its EMPIRE™ line of outdoor digital display products for the Irvine …

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SNA Davis Building Gallery Thumbnail

Davis Building

Davis Building Total Pixels 587,520 Pixel Pitch 6.67 mm Resolution 720 X 816 Square feet 281 SNA Displays Adds to Growing Digital Signage Network in Downtown Dallas SNA Displays manufactured digital out-of-home (OOH) signage with a custom steel frame for …

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SNA 75 MLK Gallery Thumbnail

75 MLK

75 MLK Total Pixels 1.4 MILLION Pixel Pitch 8 mm Resolution 630 X 1,120 Square feet 972 SNA Displays Revitalizes the Underground Garage with LED Technology SNA Displays manufactured a large-format exterior LED display that wraps around the Underground Garage …

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SNA BRT Bulletin Building Gallery Thumbnail

BRT Bulletin Building

BRT Bulletin Building Total Pixels 562,176 Pixel Pitch 10 mm Resolution 72 X 7,808 Square feet 605 Bulletin Building SNA Displays recently manufactured a direct-view LED ticker display as part of a project to resurrect an old newspaper shop in …

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SNA American Dream Gallery Thumbnail

American Dream

American Dream Meadowlands Total Pixels 60 Million+ Pixel Pitches (mm) 2.5, 4, 6.67, 10, 12, 16 Digital Displays 130+ Square feet 40,000 Primary LED Display Provider for American Dream SNA Displays has been selected as the primary LED display provider …

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SNA Marriott Desert Ridge Gallery Thumbnail

Marriott Desert Ridge

Marriott Desert Ridge Total Pixels 2.2 million Pixel Pitch 2.5 mm Resolution 1,260 X 1,760 Square feet 149 SNA Displays and AVI Systems Collaborate to Install BOLD™ Lobby Display at Marriott Desert Ridge SNA Displays and AVI Systems collaborated on …

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SNA Kings Highway Gallery Thumbnail

Kings Highway

Kings Highway Total Pixels 376,200 Pixel Pitch 12 mm Resolution 570 X 660 Square feet 583 Kings Highway SNA Displays manufactured and installed an EMPIRE™ exterior LED screen at the intersection of Kings Highway and East 16th Street in the …

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SNA Grandscape Gallery Thumbnail


Grandscape Total Pixels 10.5 Million Pixel Pitch 5 mm – 10 mm Display Count 4 Square feet 5,478 Grandscape’s Grand Opening to Feature Cutting-Edge Digital Displays Grandscape, a destination shopping center in North Dallas that features retail, dining, living, and …

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SNA Raymond James Stadium Gallery Thumbnail

Raymond James Stadium

Raymond James Stadium Total Pixels 4.1 Million Pixel Pitch 4 mm Display Count 2 Square feet 714 Raymond James Stadium SNA Displays manufactured and supplied a pair of BOLD™ interior display products for Raymond James Stadium (“Ray Jay”), home of …

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