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Slack Technologies

Slack Technologies Total Pixels 9.9 Million Pixel Pitch 1.25 -1.86 mm Display Count 3 Square feet 238 Slack Technologies Adds Direct-View LEDs to North American Corporate Offices Business communication platform company Slack Technologies tapped SNA Displays to supply direct-view LED …

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SMC3 Total Pixels 4.1 million Pixel Pitch 2.5 mm Display Count 2 Square feet 279 SNA Displays Provides Twin LED Displays for SMC3’s Cutting-Edge Training Center SNA Displays partnered with channel partner and world-class A/V integrator Baker Audio Visual to …

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SNA Davis Building Gallery Thumbnail

Davis Building

Davis Building Total Pixels 587,520 Pixel Pitch 6.67 mm Resolution 720 X 816 Square feet 281 SNA Displays Adds to Growing Digital Signage Network in Downtown Dallas SNA Displays manufactured digital out-of-home (OOH) signage with a custom steel frame for …

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SNA 75 MLK Gallery Thumbnail

75 MLK

75 MLK Total Pixels 1.4 MILLION Pixel Pitch 8 mm Resolution 630 X 1,120 Square feet 972 SNA Displays Revitalizes the Underground Garage with LED Technology SNA Displays manufactured a large-format exterior LED display that wraps around the Underground Garage …

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SNA BRT Bulletin Building Gallery Thumbnail

BRT Bulletin Building

BRT Bulletin Building Total Pixels 562,176 Pixel Pitch 10 mm Resolution 72 X 7,808 Square feet 605 Bulletin Building SNA Displays recently manufactured a direct-view LED ticker display as part of a project to resurrect an old newspaper shop in …

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SNA Salesforce 50 Fremont Gallery Thumbnail

Salesforce: 50 Fremont

Salesforce: 50 Fremont Total Pixels 9.7 Million Pixel Pitch 4 mm Resolution 960 X 8,112 Square feet 1,108 SNA DISPLAYS INSTALLS LONGEST 4 MM LED WALL IN U.S. Sansi North America (SNA) Displays completed installation of a 106-foot-long, 4 mm …

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SNA The Reef Gallery Thumbnail

The Reef

The Reef Total Pixels 9.7 Million Pixel Pitch 20 mm Resolution 852 x 11,376‬ Square feet 41,000+ Massive Video Display atop The Reef in DTLA The LED video display mounted at the top of The Reef’s 12-story building in downtown …

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SNA Gallery Thumb 20 TimesSquare

20 Times Square

20 Times Square Total Pixels 26.6 Million Pixel Pitch 8 mm Resolution 3,480 x 7,100 Square feet 17,000 Times Square’s newest spectacular has arrived. And it wowed onlookers in the bow tie from the second the curtain dropped. The monster …

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SNA TSX Broadway Gallery Thumbnail

TSX Broadway

TSX BROADWAY Total Pixels 28 Million Pixel Pitch 8 mm Resolution 3,480 x 7,480 Square feet 22,350 Newest Times Square Mega-Spectacular at TSX Broadway is a Trend Setter TSX Broadway is a major Times Square development including a massive LED …

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