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SNA Gallery Thumb TSX

TSX Broadway

TSX BROADWAY Total Pixels 28 Million Pixel Pitch 8 mm Resolution 3,480 x 7,480 Square feet 22,350 Newest Times Square Mega-Spectacular at TSX Broadway is a Trend Setter TSX Broadway is a major Times Square development including a massive LED …

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SNA Gallery Thumb SFMOMA


sfmoma Total Pixels 26 Million Pixel Pitch 2.5 mm Resolution 1,980 x 13,120 Square feet 1,748 Massive Screen by SNA Displays Showcases Art Exhibit at SFMOMA The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) unveiled a new art installation by …

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SNA Gallery Thumb Salesforce 50 Fremont

Salesforce: Headquarters

Salesforce: Headquarters Total Pixels 7.7 Million Pixel Pitch 4 mm Resolution 960 x 8,112 Square feet 1,272 SNA DISPLAYS INSTALLS LONGEST 4 MM LED WALL IN U.S. Sansi North America (SNA) Displays completed installation of a 106-feet-long 4 mm LED …

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SNA Gallery Thumb LED Head

LED Head Sculpture

LED Head: “As WE Are” Total Pixels 845,000 Pixel Pitch 5 mm PANEL COUNT 3,500 Square feet 219 A HEAD OF ITS TIME Sansi North America (SNA) Displays custom-manufactured the LED technology for one of the U.S.’s most intriguing interactive …

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SNA Gallery Thumb Salesforce 350 Mission

350 Mission Street

350 Mission Street Total Pixels 6.8 Million Pixel Pitch 6 mm Resolution 1,960 x 3,480 Square feet 2,643 SNA manufactured and installed a high-resolution LED video wall at 350 Mission Street in San Francisco. The state-of-the-art 6 mm LED display …

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SNA Gallery Thumb CEB Tower

CEB Tower

CEB Tower Total Pixels 4 Million Pixel Pitch 4 MM Resolution 1,440 x 2,880 Square feet 770 WRAPPED IN PIXELS Located at 1201 Wilson Blvd., this project site is part of a mixed-use development by JBG Smith known as Central Place. The …

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SNA Gallery Thumb Sheraton Dallas Hotel

Sheraton Dallas Hotel

Sheraton Dallas Hotel Total Pixels 2 Million Pixel Pitch 2.5 mm Resolution 1,080 x 480 (x8) Square feet 277 Combining Digital Art With LED Display Technology SNA Displays manufactured LED video displays that wrap around two columns at the entrance …

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SNA Gallery Thumb YouTube

YouTube Headquarters

YouTube Headquarters Total Pixels 808,000 Pixel Pitch 3 mm Display Count 158 Total Square feet 970 MORE UNIQUE CONTENT FOR YOUTUBE The California-based headquarters of Google’s popular video-sharing website has a new network of displays that combine cutting-edge technology with a modern, …

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SNA Gallery Thumb Playhouse Square 1

Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square Total Pixels 80,000 Pixel Pitch 12 mm Display Count 6 Square feet 147 Lighting Up Playhouse Square Drawing in more than a million visitors annually, Playhouse Square, Cleveland’s popular, not-for-profit performing arts center, is the second largest theater …

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