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SNA Gensler Austin Gallery Thumbnail

Gensler’s Austin Office

Gensler Austin Total Pixels 6 Million Pixel Pitch 1.92 mm, 10 mm Display Count 1,404 x 4,160 Square feet 387 Gensler Austin Video Wall SNA Displays recently manufactured and installed a BRILLIANT™ interior LED video wall for Gensler’s Austin office. …

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SNA 1401 H Street Gallery Thumbnail

1401 H Street

1401 H Street Total Pixels 1.2 million Pixel Pitch 2.5 mm Resolution 1,080 X 1,120 Square feet 81 BOLD™ Lobby Display at 1401 H Street SNA Displays manufactured and supplied a BOLD™ indoor display for an office building halfway between …

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SNA Kilroy Realty Gallery Thumbnail

Kilroy Realty

Kilroy Realty Total Pixels 8.3 million Pixel Pitch 2.5 mm Resolution 1,920 X 4,320 Square feet 557 Kilroy Media Wall SNA Displays manufactured and supplied a BOLD™ interior display for the Kilroy Realty property at 660 3rd Street, San Francisco, …

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SNA Salesforce London Gallery Thumbnail

Salesforce Tower London

Salesforce Tower London Total Pixels 10.8 Million Pixel Pitch 1.25 mm, 1.67 mm Display Count 3 Square feet 277 Salesforce Tower London SNA Displays manufactured three BRILLIANT™ interior digital displays for Salesforce Tower London, located on several floors of what …

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SNA Salesforce East Gallery Thumbnail

Salesforce East

Salesforce East Total Pixels 38.9 Million Pixel Pitch 1.25 mm, 6 mm Display Count 6 Square feet 3,132 Salesforce East SNA Displays manufactured and oversaw the installation of five BRILLIANT™ interior displays in addition to the massive BOLD™ lobby video …

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SNA Salesforce Atlanta Gallery Thumbnail

Salesforce Tower Atlanta

Salesforce Tower Atlanta Total Pixels 10.2 Million Pixel Pitch 1.67 mm, 2.5 mm Display Count 2 Square feet 590 Salesforce Tower Atlanta The Buckhead area of North Atlanta is home to Salesforce Tower Atlanta, one of the software giant’s ever-growing …

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SNA Okta Gallery Thumbnail


Okta Total Pixels 2.3 million Pixel Pitch 4.0 mm Resolution 990 X 2,320 Square feet 396 Okta Upgrades Headquarters With Lobby Video Wall From SNA Displays SNA Displays manufactured the new lobby wall LED display at Otka’s San Francisco headquarters. …

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